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Dr Aled Jones; Irma Allen; Nick Silver; Catherine Cameron; Candice Howarth and Ben Caldecott

Research report - Resource constraints: sharing a finite world. Implications of Limits to Growth for the Actuarial Profession

Economic growth has received significantly more attention globally over the last few years. While traditional growth has been very visible through the consumption of resources, the resources required to sustain the current level of economic growth may not ... read more >>

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Transcript of the Conflicts of Interest consultation meeting held in London on 24 October 2011

Transcript of the 'Conflict of Interest' consultation meeting held in London on 24 October 2011 PAGE PAGE 41 The Actuarial Profession Institute and Faculty of Actuaries -------- Conflicts of Interest Consultation Meeting Monday 24 October ... read more >>

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Chinu Patel; Chris Daykin
Sessional Meeting paper 2010

Actuaries and discount rates; a discussion

This report “Actuaries and Discount Rates” by Chinu Patel and Chris Daykin is the result of their initial research into past and current practice in the setting of discount rates in the UK, and a survey of existing research and debate. Actuaries and ... read more >>