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Choosing the right avenue for your complaint

We want to ensure that anyone engaging with the IFoA has a positive experience, though we recognise that, on occasion, standards of service may not meet expectations. 

Complaints: stage 1 

To share your experience and help us address any issues, we encourage you to liaise directly with the IFoA service or team responsible in the first instance. This is considered an informal complaint and we strive to resolve these within five working days.

Complaints: stage 2

If you are unsatisfied with the response and level of service you have received following the informal route, you are welcome to raise a formal complaint. Please ensure that in doing so, you provide as much information as possible, including any supporting evidence or documentation – the more details you can provide helps us to resolve your complaint in a timely manner.

Assessment Appeal

Candidates who wish to appeal their examination result can do via an Assessment Appeal. Please visit the Assessment Appeal policy for further information.

The discipline process

This process is followed if you are considering making a complaint about the professional conduct of a member of the IFoA, please visit the Complaints and Disciplinary process policy or email  All complaints must be made in writing using a member allegation form which ensures that you provide all of the information we need to progress.

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