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International Board

The International Board is tasked with supporting the IFoA in the formulation and delivery of the International Strategy and facilitating communication with our international stakeholders.

The Board also oversees the volunteer engagement of our international representatives to ensure that our voice is heard within the International Actuarial Association (IAA) and Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE).

Each Practice Board is represented on the International Board to facilitate a flow of information between the IFoA’s international activities and the Boards. Regulation Board, Education Board the Presidential Team is also represented on the International Board.

Members 2016/2017

  • Charles Cowling (Chair)
  • Derek Cribb (CEO)
  • Nick Dexter (Life)
  • Iain Forrester (Finance and Investment)
  • Kenneth Donaldson (Resource and Environment)
  • Fiona Morrison (Immediate Past President)
  • Ben Kemp (Director of General Counsel)
  • Malcolm Kemp (Risk Management)
  • Martin Noble (General Insurance)
  • Paul Reynolds (Director of Public Affairs)
  • Paul Kelly (Pensions)
  • David Muiry (Health and Care)
  • Marjorie Ngwenya (President)
  • Clifford Friend (Director of Engagement and Learning)
  • Tim Werkhoven (Secretary)

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