The IFoA believes that actuaries are strong risk management professionals. It supports and promotes a Chief Risk Officer (CRO) group made up of actuaries who are working in senior risk management roles.

Core aims

  • to provide professional support to one another in developing risk management techniques and frameworks, especially outside traditional actuarial areas
  • to enable benchmarking of practices in relation to risk management
  • to provide a discussion forum in relation to industry and regulatory issues
  • to create networking opportunities for actuaries who hold CRO or very senior risk management roles within their companies

Meeting dates and topic plan: 2021 / 2022

  • Friday 10 September: 08.15 – 09.45
  • Tuesday 30 November: 08.15 – 09.45
  • Thursday 3 February: 08.15 – 09.45
  • Tuesday 26 April: 08.15 – 09.45
  • Tuesday 5 July: 16.00 – 17.30

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What makes this group distinct from other CRO forums

The non-commercial nature of the group makes it distinct from other CRO groups and members have common challenges which can be discussed in a safe Chatham House Rules environment. 

Want to join the group?

Contact Dawn McIntosh providing details of your role and ARN.

Meet the Chair

Russell Gill is Chief Risk Officer of a start-up bank called Perenna, which is applying for its banking license so it can change the mortgage market. His current role covers all financial risks, non-financial risks, and ESG.

Russell has diverse first and second-line risk experience gained from senior roles in financial services firms across a number of industries. He qualified as an actuary in 2009. He is also a qualified snowboarding instructor, but finds himself on snow much less often these days, given his important parental commitments (four young children).

Russell Gill, Chief Risk Officer of a start-up bank called PerennaThe Actuarial CRO Group is a great platform for sharing knowledge and challenging perspectives with other senior risk professionals working in financial services. I have found it very rewarding and it has also provided valuable networking opportunities. The Actuarial CRO Group operates under Chatham House rules.

Meet the Deputy Chair

Wade Butlion is Head of Risk Management at RGA Reinsurance Company of South Africa. He is a qualified actuary with extensive experience in risk management and is responsible for all aspects of enterprise risk management across the company. He also holds the Financial Risk Management designation from the Global Association of Risk Professionals and is an Associate Member of the Institute of Risk Management South Africa. 

Wade Butlion, Head of Risk Management at RGA Reinsurance Company of South AfricaThe Actuarial CRO Group is a platform to share ideas and learn from other senior actuaries working in the risk management space. The nature of the group facilitates robust discussion and debate on topical issues in the risk management and wider business arenas. The group offers professional support from a diverse range of views and is a great way to benchmark practices and network with like-minded peers.


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Contact Details

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    Over recent months there has been a sharp rise in M&A activity involving British businesses, with interest from overseas, domestic buyers and Private Equity investors.  

  • Spaces available

    Frank Redington is recognised as one of the most influential actuaries of all time. In this talk, Craig will review some of Redington's most important ideas. He will identify the consistent actuarial principles that form a common thread across the contributions Redington made to a broad range of actuarial fields, and will highlight the ongoing relevance of Redington's thinking to 21st century actuarial practice.

  • Spaces available

    The IFoA Mental Health working party look back over their week of blogs and podcasts considering all aspects of the relationship between mental health and life insurance. The expert panel spans adviser, underwriter and actuarial experience and they  explore triggers for purchasing insurance relating to mental health, the various routes to insurance and how these may be more suited to different people depending on their conditions and preferences, the products and processes involved in purchasing these as well as what claims and support are available to policyholders and how to access them.

  • Spaces available

    Part of the 'Finance in the Public Interest 2022' webinar series. If it was ever okay to consider your business in isolation from its surroundings, today it most definitely is not. Thinking about business within its surrounding system is now a necessity. The question we seek to discuss is: How should we prescribe the boundaries in which we consider problems to enable us to create better products and more resilient companies and systems?

  • Spaces available

    What will happen to DC pension savers who see life annuities as poor VFM but still want an income for life?  Pooled annuity funds could offer them a decent lifetime income while reducing significantly the complex choices and risk inherent in income drawdown.  They could be the next generation of CDC pension schemes, slotting into the existing DC framework as a post-retirement option.