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Research and Thought Leadership Board

The advancement of actuarial science through research is one of the core strategic objectives of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA).

The pursuit of research is a feature that distinguishes the IFoA from simply being a professional or membership body to a Learned Society that is able to meet the key research challenges facing the actuarial profession.  Reporting to the IFoA’s Council, the Research and Thought Leadership Board (RTLB) was put in place to ensure that the IFoA’s research coverage is appropriate, is of an adequate quality and is disseminated.  Its remit also includes identifying future research themes, which it then seeks to address through the IFoA's Actuarial Research Centre or through the Practice Boards' volunteer working parties.

The RTLB is led by Lay Chair Erik Vynckier and consists of IFoA members and Executive staff supporting the delivery of the IFoA’s research agenda.  The RTLB shapes and delivers the IFoA research programme and associated activities.

Current RTLB Membership:

  • Erik Vynckier – Chair
  • Cynthia Yuan - Council Representative
  • Graeme Charters
  • Sarah Mathieson
  • Alexandra Miles
  • Ron Richman
  • Craig Turnbull
  • Simon Warsop

With support from:

  • Elizabeth Ibbotson-Wight - RTLB Secretary


RTLB Publications Sub-Committee

The RTLB is supported by the RTLB Publications Sub-Committee.  This sub-group of the RTLB aims to provide strategic direction and oversight of all IFoA research publications, and ensure appropriate delivery through the relevant volunteers, editorial teams and Executive staff.

Current membership is:

  • Erik Vynckier - RTLB Chair
  • Tom Bishop – IFoA Library and Publications Manager
  • Joanne Davis - IFoA Head of Communities
  • Trevor Couper - British Actuarial Journal Co-Editor
  • Angus Macdonald - Annals of Actuarial Science Editor
  • Sarah Mathieson - Head of Research and Knowledge
  • Cathy Robertson - British Actuarial Journal Editor

With support from:

  • Kenneth Bogle - RTLB Publications Sub-Committee Secretary

The Research and Thought Leadership Board Publications Sub-Committee operates within terms of reference.

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If you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of our funding for member-led research please contact the Research and Knowledge Team:

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Events calendar

  • Mortality and Longevity Webinar Series 2020

    Webinar Series
    22 July 2020 - 10 August 2020

    Spaces available

    View the full schedule of webinars in this series via this link.

    This webinar series will provide topical and practical updates and discussion on the latest thinking and innovations in mortality and longevity, and is designed to be very accessible to a broad range of experience.


  • Spaces available

    Part of the Mortality and Longevity webinar seriesAs an industry, it has been important to be able to look to the future to identify the next quantifiable risk. In this session, I will explore some of the less tangible, but none-the-less concerning risks to future health, such as the health risks associated with exposure to pesticides, ingestion of plastic in the food chain, and the hazards of indoor air pollution through exposure to volatile organic compounds.

  • Spaces available

    A Trusted Profession

    This free 1 hour CPD webinar is designed to meet the IFoA’s Stage 3 Professional Skills Training under the IFoA’s CPD Scheme 2019/2020 and is suitable for actuaries working in any area (i.e. it is not specifically aimed at Pensions, GI or any other technical discipline) and is interactive.

  • Spaces available

    Part of the Protection, Health and Care Conference 2020 webinar series

    Modelling the structure and trends of cancer morbidity risk is important for pricing and reserving in related health insurance fields such as critical illness insurance and care provision. We model the dynamics of cancer incidence over time in different regions in England, using 1981-2016 ONS data. The modelling allows estimation of cancer rates at various age, year, gender and region levels, following a Bayesian setting to account for statistical uncertainty. Our analysis indicates significant regional variation in cancer incidence rates. 

  • Spaces available

    Part of the Protection, Health and Care Conference 2020 webinar series

    In this talk we will outline the steps Aviva took in pulling together our first large-scale disclosures on the exposure of our business to climate change published in March 2019; in line with the recommendations of the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. After touching on why insurers have such an important role in climate change, we'll cover a brief “how-to” guide for those who have not yet embarked on thinking about these topics before giving a case study of how the learnings from a TCFD disclosure exercise can be applied to investment portfolios.

  • Spaces available

    Part of the Protection, Health and Care Conference 2020 webinar series

    The insurance industry currently underwrites customers with diabetes based on a range of factors, medical expertise and various medical studies. The work undertaken by the Diabetes Working Party would help the industry to approach this using current research findings to update and enhance how potential risk from diabetes is considered. This includes the need to understand the underwriting implications as treatments improve, and potentially to develop new products that are tailored to those with diabetes. This webinar will present our latest findings in the management of this important chronic condition which will include research in collaboration with the ARC. 

  • Fully booked.

    This event is now fully booked. To join the wait list, please register here.

    Get ready for the new CPD Scheme launching on 1 September. Join us for a discussion on what the new Scheme will look like in practice. There will be an opportunity to field questions to the IFoA Executive on how the Scheme’s requirements will affect you.

  • Asia Conference Webinar Series

    1 September 2020 - 24 September 2020

    Spaces available

    There will be a prestigious line-up of international speakers discussing the insurance and financial industry’s innovation and change in Asia.  The conference will take place throughout September via an online platform. The webinars consist of plenary speaking sessions and a series of workshop sessions including Life, GI, Data Science, Sustainability, Risk Management and Investment.

    This will be the perfect opportunity for you to discover,ask questions and be at the forefront of current and developing actuarial/financial topics and trends in Asia.


  • Spaces available

    In this webinar we will provide an insight into enterprise-wide risk management in banking, showing similarities to the world of insurance as well as identifying differences. Just as insurance companies have to submit an ORSA, so bank’s have to submit their own equivalent, the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process or ICAAP.

  • Spaces available

    This free 90 minute webinar is designed to support the IFoA CPD Co-ordinators, and others, involved in supporting our members to achieve their CPD requirements. 

    The programme will include an overview of the new CPD Scheme; specifically sharing with you key messages to support you implement and embrace the new CPD Scheme for our members within your organisation and regional community; how to arrange a reflective practice discussion; and an interactive reflective practice discussion learning exercise.  In addition, delegates will gain information about accessing, and making the most of the IFoA event Toolkits which you can make use of to run your own in-house events and events for regional communities.