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Worshipful Company of Actuaries Prizes

The Worshipful Company of Actuaries has sponsored a number of prizes for the Specialist Application examinations since 2002

It currently sponsors the prizes for the Specialist Application papers in Health and Care (SA1), Life Insurance (SA2), Pensions and Other Benefits (SA4) and Investment (SA6).  

Year  April September

David A McDwyer (Health and Care)
Andrew W Fagan (Life Insurance)
Oliver W P Ward (Pensions)
Jacob J Stevens (Investment)

Emma Phillips (Health and Care)
Liam Carswell (Life Insurance)
Robert Waite (Pensions)
Rory Sloggett (Investment)


Pei Chuen Loo (Health and Care)
Gaetano Donato (Life Insurance)
Fiona Watson (Investment)

Clare O’Connor (Health and Care)
Zhi Yan Lim (Life Insurance)
Christopher Canning (Pensions)
Joseph Rattenbury (Investment)


Qi Dong (Health and Care)
Stephen Rooney ( Life Insurance)
Callum Duffy (Investment)

Catherine Hunter (Health and Care)
Timothy Lundy (Life Insurance)
Simranpreet Sada (Pensions)
Alexander White (Investment)


Amy Ashbolt (Health and Care)
George Ealham (Life Insurance)
David Richard Butcher (Pensions)
Jason Sion Bartlett (Investment)

Daniel Chin Yang Lim (Health and Care)
Matthew James Harry Smith (Life Insurance)
Martin Leslie Cullum (Pensions)


Aisling Kennelley (Health and Care)
Ian Rogers (Life Insurance)
Louise Harrison (Pensions)
Clinton Elliott (Investment)

Richard Cohen (Health and Care)
Thomas Johnson (Life Insurance)
Holly Hook (Pensions)


Ashley Moheeput 
Edward Oliver
Nicola Hibberd

Heng Wen Kho 
Oliver Charles Gingell
Victoria Rolfe
Darcelle Carina Salkey


Alan James Rankine (Life insurance)

Jennifer Karen Sullivan
Andrew Philip Bell
2010 Ziqi Zhu (Life insurance)
Thomas George Kirby (Pensions)
Nikesh Patel (Investment)
David Alan Barton (Life insurance)
Helen Beggs (Pensions)
Beenesh Googoolye (Investment)
2009 Stephen Walker Benjamin Richard Warwick Morgan (Life insurance)
David Barclay Bernard (Pensions)
2008 Thomas Harper (Life insurance)
Claire Dudley (Pensions)
Martin Paul Jecks (Investment)
Timothy James Castle (Investment)
Anthony Michael Gershom Buck (Life insurance)

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