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Stepping out of the Shadows

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Actuaries: navigating the big challenges of the 21st century

In a world where rapid change is transforming societies and industries like never before, actuaries are trusted by national governments and global organisations alike to act in the public interest.

We’re best known for our central role in ensuring pension fund and insurance providers can operate safely; but we’re also at the heart of emerging technologies, revolutionary advances in medicine, world-shaping behavioural modelling and much more. Our members ensure that millions can save for their retirements, that homes, health and possessions are secured against unforeseen events and that global issues like climate change are properly addressed; all safeguarded by a rigorous code of ethics and behaviours.

One third of the UK public say they understand our traditional role in navigating financial risk, but we believe that it’s our ethics and professionalism that set us apart.

Today we believe actuaries are uniquely placed to help individuals, businesses and societies look ahead, plan for the long term and navigate the challenges of the 21st century, that’s why we believe it’s time for the profession to step out of the shadows.

We're backing a campaign to make the profession more well-known; so we're asking Associates, Fellows, employers and stakeholders to share their stories of how the work of the profession helps safeguard the public interest. 

Simply use #Iamanactuary to share your stories and let us know how you're stepping out of the shadows. 


"We are in a moment in which actuaries have a key role to play in shaping the future of society and industry

It's not just about our technical skills, we're bound by our code which begins with 'Members will act honestly and with the highest standards of integrity'. That's a powerful statement for us to take out to people."

Jules Constantinou

President of the IFoA

At the heart of business, government and society

Associates and Fellows tell us in their own words what it means to be an actuary. 

Taking a step out of the shadows

There are many ways you can support our campaign to demonstrate the value of the profession to the public and society at large:

  1. Contribute to the #Iamanactauary social media campaign by talking about, sharing and publicising the vital role that actuaries play in safeguarding the public interest
  2. Let us know your thoughts about how the profession can gain the visibility it deserves by emailing us on 
  3. Talk to your networks and colleagues about the way in which the profession is helping to navigate the challenges of the 21st century.

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