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Papers and reports

The life associations" inter-office expense investigation

In the course of the discussion of the paper by Praetz at the International Congress of Actuaries in Sydney, reference was made to the existence of the ongoing Expense Investigation conducted amongst life offices in the United Kingdom. Considerable interest was aroused and it was subsequently suggested that a paper describing this investigation be presented to the actuarial bodies in order that data on life office costs might be made available to the profession and its significance discussed.

Actuaries and general insurance

This paper: Outlines the history of actuarial involvement in general insurance in the UK and includes as Appendix B a bibliography of papers by UK actuaries in the UK actuarial journals, in the transactions of the International Congresses and in the ASTIN Bulletin; Discusses the current involvement of UK actuaries in general insurance and why it is perceived that there is a need for a Note on Recommended Practice (NORP) for actuarial reporting in general insurance business; Discusses what the profession should be aiming to achieve in general insurance; Extends and explains some of the poin

Merging life funds

The major emphasis of this paper is intended to be the actuarial aspects of merging two life funds. This is normally the final phase of a long and complex exercise. For completeness, this paper covers the preparatory and final phases in their normal order, and examines them from both an actuarial and a business point of view.

Discussion: Pensions proposals in the Government's white paper Reform of Social Security - Programme for action (Cmnd 9691) and the Social Security Bill 1986

On 24 February 1986 a discussion took place on the pension proposals in the Government’s White Paper Reform of Social Security—Programme for Action (Cmnd. 9691) and the Social Security Bill 1986.

Reserves in Lloyd's and the London market

Lloyd’s and the rest of the London market underwrite a significant part of the world’s insurance and are a dominating influence on insurance world-wide. This paper looks at the data which is collected primarily for reserving purposes inside the market—-or rather, the paper looks at some new and unusual but very simple ways of looking at that data. Experience is showing that these simple methods are proving to be more powerful aids to underwriters and auditors than was envisaged when they were first invented. They are graphical and hence easy to ‘see’.


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