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Papers and reports

The treatment of appreciation or depreciation in the assets of a life assurance fund

I have limited this paper to the consideration of appreciation or depreciation in fixed interest-bearing securities resulting from a fall or rise in the general level of interest rates and not from any alteration in the intrinsic value of the securities, i.e. there is assumed to be no change in the probabilities that the terms of the contracts will be fulfilled.

On the validity of statistical tests of the graduation of a mortality table

An important part of the work of an actuary consists in making and testing graduations of mortality statistics. Much space has been devoted in the Journal to methods of graduation, but for many years, apart from the recent paper by H. L. Seal (J.I.A. Vol. 71), little attention seems to have been paid to the testing of graduations. Although statistical methods are usually employed in making the tests, consideration has not often been given to ascertaining whether mortality statistics fulfil the conditions necessary for the tests to be strictly applicable.

A note on the Registrar-General"s reports on occupational mortality in England and Wales in connexion with recent censuses

The recent publication of the Registrar-General's Report on Occupational Mortality in England and Wales in connexion with the 1931 Census has suggested that a Note on this Report and its recent predecessors, with reference mainly to the methods employed in the investigation, may be of use to actuarial students.


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