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HJC Actuarial Consulting Limited

Firm type
Sole trader
United Kingdom
Type of advice
Financial Risk Management, General insurance

About HJC Actuarial Consulting Limited

Independent actuarial advisor since 2003 for over 200 projects / over 100 clients, including private companies, financial services companies, captives, insureds, local authorities and other government entities.

25 years’ experience of commercial insurance matters. Specialist advisor to insureds.

Specialist areas: insurance fund reviews, independent opinions on insurance programme design, premium reviews, insurer financial strength reviews, design and implementation of no-fault insurance Schemes (e.g. abuse redress, asbestos redress), insurance transformation/redesign and optimal use of funds/hedging (ROC, WACC, EBITDA etc).

IFOA DPB Regulated Firm for Insurance Distribution Activities.