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Supervisor – Subject SA0 –  Value of Enterprise Risk Management: Study of Lloyds of London

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ (IFoA’s) Engagement and Learning Group is seeking to hear from Fellows, Associates or Honorary Fellows working in academia who would like to be considered for the role of Specialist Applications Supervisor (SA0).  We are looking for a university based Supervisor with specialist knowledge of the student’s proposed topic and who meet the requirements set out below. 

The role

Supervisors are appointed by the IFoA to assist in supporting students write a dissertation /project based report on the approved subject.  For this vacancy you are required to have knowledge of Enterprise Risk Management tools and methods

Supervisors report to our Partnership Manager, and ultimately to the Board of Examiners.

“Task” Specification

The main requirements of the SA0 Supervisor are to:

  • ensure the student has read the SA0 regulations concerning length and presentation of the dissertation
  • guide the direction of the student’s dissertation.  This includes pointing out any key texts and emerging related research in the area
  • provide feedback on drafts, and offer guidance on how the assessment criteria are used and applied
  • ensure that the student provides you with the means to monitor progress effectively
  • make the student aware of unsatisfactory progress or standard of work
  • provide updates on progress to the Executive team


Administrative support for the role will be provided by the Quality team.


The appointment is for the time it takes the student to complete their dissertation (one year minimum).  Supervisors will be required to supervise the student during the period and at the end of the process, provide a brief report and attend a Viva, either in person or via conference call.

Time commitment

As a guide, our students take a minimum of one and an average of two years to complete their dissertation.  The frequency and duration of the meetings between the Supervisor and student will be decided between both parties.  The Supervisor will need to update the Partnership Manager on project progress at appropriate intervals.  The Viva exam at the end of the project will last approximately four hours

“Person” Specification

As an SA0 Supervisor you must be able to demonstrate: 

  • a research background
  • knowledge of Enterprise Risk Management tools and methods and their application in an actuarial context
  • experience of supervising PhD/MPhil level dissertations and of preparation of material for publication in peer reviewed journals
  • strong communication skills.

In return, the volunteer will

  • work in partnership with the Executive staff, contributing to the IFoA’s education processes
  • have an opportunity to provide support in new areas of work
  • have opportunities for Personal Development
  • have the potential to support research and development of actuarial activity.

Claiming CPD

If you intend to use the time spent on this activity when recording your CPD, remember it must be relevant to your work or role and address a personal development need.  You should record an appropriate learning outcome.  This is in accordance with the CPD Scheme.

This is a remunerated role and a fee will be paid

Mutually agreed services will be outlined in a ‘Schedule of services’ which will be provided to you on successful appointment.  On successful completion of the services, you will be required to submit an invoice to the IFoA.  The IFoA will provide you with a template invoice to use, and this invoice will be processed by a member of the IFoA’s Education Partnership and Lifelong Learning team.  If you wish to view the ‘Schedule of services’ and the applicable terms and conditions, prior to expressing interest in this role, please contact the Quality team.  Please note that this role is classified as a ‘Self-Employed Contractor’.

Additional Information

The IFoA delivery team is made up of IFoA Executive staff and our volunteer community.  Every individual who supports the IFoA, is valued, and are recognised, as part of our volunteer community and works in partnership with the IFoA Executive staff to deliver our strategy and Royal Charter, in line with our values   

At the IFoA the term “volunteer” includes volunteers (members and non-members: lay), Office Holders, and Self Employed Contractors (paid roles). 

Volunteering provides you with a wide range of opportunities.  With all rights and opportunities come responsibilities and we ask all our volunteers to comply with the terms of the IFoA’s Governance Manual and Volunteer Information Pack (VIP).  Please view our ‘what you need to know’ webpages before offering to provide support.  The key elements will be highlighted to you as part of your contract for services with the IFoA.

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    IFoA Immediate Past President John Taylor would like to invite you to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ (IFoA) virtual Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan (MENAP) Town Hall 2021, hosted by John Taylor and IFoA Chief Executive, Stephen Mann. 

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