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Regional activity

A regional community is a group of members who have come together either virtually or in person and who have a common interest in providing a regional or cultural hub for actuarial development, both professionally and socially, with the support and encouragement of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA)

Regional communities may be designated as a Society, Association, Network, Group or any other collective noun that describes a group of individuals who have come together for a common goal

The purpose behind these groups is to support actuarial colleagues living and working within their local community, or with a shared cultural focus, and to provide them with a range of events.

We encourage all members to get involved in their regional community

We currently have 22 societies in the United Kingdom and an increasing number of International regional groups.  Please look at the lists of regional communities and remember that most events are open to visitors: while travelling you could attend events which enable you to expand your professional network or gain CPD.

Regional communities provide a platform for members to network and gain CPD through a programme of local events

Details of all planned events can be found on each regional community's page as well as in the main events calendar. The majority of these events are organised by the regional community committees in response to what members in that area want.

They also act as a liaison point for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) to bring consultation discussions to members in local areas and to hear members’ views.

The volunteers who run regional communities do so for the benefit of members in their area and to help raise the profile of the profession

Regional communities offer:

  • networking and CPD opportunities
  • a forum for meeting technical experts for discussion of issues relevant to the profession
  • valuable opportunities for professional and personal development
  • opportunities for raising the profile of the profession.

Please get in touch if you are interested in setting up a regional community in your local area

If you have an idea for an event, or would like to make a presentation, please contact the regional community, or alternatively contact the Senior Stakeholder Relationship Manager, Kirstie Smith.

If there are a number of actuaries in your area, but there is no regional community, please contact Kirstie Smith, to find out how you could set up a local group. This need not be an onerous task and could be very rewarding: we can provide guidance and support to help you get started.

Regional communities, while not part of the IFoA or subject to the IFoA governance structure, work in close partnership with the IFoA to support and develop actuaries around the globe

Full information on how regional communities work and interact with the IFoA can be found in the guide Establishing and running a regional community.  Please contact Kirstie Smith if you would like a copy of this document.

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Contact Details

For information regarding regional societies, please contact the Senior Stakeholder Relationship Manager, Kirstie Smith.