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Actuarial Students' Society of Kenya

The Actuarial Students' Society of Kenya is an umbrella body for student actuaries and BSc Actuarial Science students in Kenya.

Founded in 2013, it has 22 member universities.

The main objectives of the society include:

  • co-ordinating member activities
  • creating awareness of the actuarial profession amongst both students and the public
  • upholding professionalism amongst actuarial students
  • bridging the gap between student and the industry through social and professional events
  • creating a link between industry and student actuaries.

The Society hosts various events which help it to achieve its objectives

These events are both social and professional and include:

  • The Annual Product Design and Modelling Competition, which is usually held in June.  Students develop and model actuarial products with respect to the given theme.  They are then judged by a panel of Fellows and prizes are awarded.
  • The Annual ASSK Cocktail evening, usually held in late October.  This is a social event whereby student actuaries network with Fellows.
  • Professional forums whereby specialists in a given area give a talk on a topic.
  • Leadership trainings for our officials and campus representatives to guide them on how to lead their campus associations.

Forthcoming events

Forthcoming events will be listed here.

Who's who in the Actuarial Students' Society of Kenya

Committee members

Nchoe Richard Oloishuro, Chairperson

Nchoe Richard is a fourth year year Actuarial Science student at Meru University of Science and Technology. He is currently the Chairperson of ASSK and also served as the Chairperson of Movement of Actuarial Students Meru University(MASMU) as well as Deputy Secretary General to ASSK. Richard is also a member of TASK and IFoA. He is a proactive and committed student actuary with a keen interest, passion and desire for the Actuarial profession. A performance-driven professional with proven analytical and interpersonal skills, statistical techniques and mathematical method. Richard is a zealous and servant leader who is always to excellence.

Ann Njoroge, Vice Chairperson

Ann Njoroge is a third year student at the University of Nairobi. She is currently the Actuarial Students Society of Kenya Vice Chairperson. Previously, Ann served as the Editor- in -chief of the Nairobi University Actuarial Student's Association(N’ASA). She is outgoing in nature and always willing to serve others. She has special interests in Risk management, corporate finance and Investments

Magdelene Githinji, Secretary General

Magdalene is a seasoned Actuarial Leader with three years into her BSc in Actuarial Science at Strathmore University. Her dedicated service has earned her the position of Vice Chair in SASS (Strathmore Actuarial Students’ Society) which advanced her to serve as Secretary General in ASSK. She says her excellence in designing corporate strategy and building relationships will help ASSK integrate its Programs with IFoA and expand its reach as a regional society to serve the African Market. She has a long term interest in Entrepreneurial Ventures, The Dynamics of Global Trade and economic development.

Ester Wambui, Deputy Secretary General

Ester is adaptable and responsible Actuarial Science student from Maseno University. She is the current ASSK Deputy Secretary and former Corporate Affairs Secretary. She is motivated by results and enjoys working on her own initiative or in a team. Above all, she has the ability to create good rapport with people from all backgrounds and has excellent communication skills. Ester has a passion in Actuarial Science, Economic empowerment and Education.

Irene Muthoni, Organising Secretary

Irene Muthoni is a third year Actuarial Science student from the University of Nairobi. Currently she is the Organising secretary of ASSK as well as the Social events Co-ordinator of Nairobi University Actuarial Student Association (N’ASA) .She is a fun loving person and passionate about Actuarial Science. Irene says she is honoured to be part of the Executive that is aimed at making Actuarial Science a more interesting and known course in Kenya and all over.

Kevin Lanya, Deputy Organising Secretary

Kevin is an Undergraduate Student at Multimedia University of Kenya taking B.Sc. Actuarial Science and a member of The Actuarial Society of Kenya. Currently he is the Deputy Organizing Secretary and the acting Chairperson of Multimedia University of Kenya Actuarial Students Association (MMUKASA).

Formerly, Kevin served as the ASSK campus Rep for MMUKASA. He believes that Leadership comes with the responsibility of filling in those loopholes of what remains to be done. He is proud to be part of this team charged with the responsibility to take ASSK to greater heights and he strives to deliver his best in all the areas called upon. 'Try your best to make others do the same'.

Sharon Bukhala, Financial Controller

Sharon is a student at Maseno University.

Micah Ondiwa, Deputy Financial Controller

Micah is an undergraduate student at JKUAT

Janet Mumo, Corporate Affairs Secretary

Janet is an undergraduate student pursing Bsc Actuarial Science in the University of Eldoret. She has an ardent interest in financial mathematics and investment banking. Janet links ASSK to the corporate world and other partners as well as the Chairperson of University of Eldoret Actuarial Students Association (UEASA).

Eric Karoi Lekakeny, Executive Advisor

Eric Karoi Lekakeny is the current Executive Advisor to the ASSK. He previously served as the ASSK Finance Secretary and is the current Organizing Secretary of Karatina University Actuarial Students Association(KARUASA). He is an initiator and has served in various leadership capacities which includes: Peace ambassadors Kenya (Karatina Chapter), Bright Future club, Rangers and Rovers club among a couple of other humanitarian clubs. Eric has a passion in Actuarial, Entrepreneurship and Community service.

Washington Opili, Editor-in-Chief

Washington Opili is an Actuarial Science student at Kisii University. He is currently the ASSK Editor as well as the Chairperson of The Actuarial Student Society( TASS-)Kisii University formerly referred as KUASA. He too previously served as TASS Legal Affairs Secretary. He is a member of TASK. In other societies within Kisii University, he is the current Chess club captain.

In 2015, Washington served as Internal Auditor for Busia County Students Association( BUCSA)-based in Kisii University. He is passionate in Risk Management, Statistics, Finance & Investments as well as Modeling. In his free time, he plays chess and makes fun and acting. 

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For information regarding regional societies, please contact the Stakeholder Relationship Manager, Tess Joyce.