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Birmingham Actuarial Society - Past events

2017/2018 Session

Date Topic Speaker/Social event
21 February 2018 The first 'Big Event' in 2018 •Welcome Refreshments
•Andy Jones - Economic Advisory Executive, Ernst & Young
•Buffet and Refreshments
•Craig Turnbull - A History of British Actuarial Thought
•James Fleming - Head of HR, NFU Mutual, Winning Performance Culture
•Drinks Reception, sponsored by Star Actuarial

2016/2017 Session

Date Topic Speaker/Social event
6 June 2017 Professional Skills  
30 May 2017 Update to IFoA Strategy  
25 May 2017 Update to TAS.  Two sessions focussing on Pensions and Insurance  
11 May 2017 Climate change risk: an actuarial approach Nico Aspinall

2015/2016 Session

Date Topic Speaker/Social event
4 February 2016 The evolution of medically underwritten bulk annuities  
13 November 2015 Annual Hare and Hounds Pub Quiz!
Starting Pub: The Dragon Inn, Arcadian, Birmingham
Social event
(Winners - Iain Johnson, Dan Richards, Lee Hesketh, Shalinder Marwaha and Tom Crease)
4 November 2015 Risk Outlook Roadshow Christine McConnell, Head of Reguatory Compliance, IFoA, and Phil Doggart, Policy Manager, IFoA
8 October 2015 Latest Developments in Life Expectancy/NAPF model Steven Baxter

2014/2015 Session

Date Topic Speaker/Social event
3 June 2015 Enterprise Risk Management: Does it add value and could it add more value?
Download the presentation and accompanying paper
Christopher O'Brien, Nottingham University Business School
27 April 2015 APS X2: Review of actuarial work with members of the IFoA General Counsel Team  
9 April 2015 The role of actuaries in Life Offices: changes and challenges Gerry Gallacher
24 Mar 2015 Professional Skills for Experienced Members Neil Hilary, Education Actuary, IFoA
12 Feb 2015  FRC's consultation. A new framework for actuarial standards Robert Inglis and Natasha Regan, FRC
8 Jan 2015 The developments and strategy of the IFoA moving forward Derek Cribb, CEO, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
14 Nov 2014 Hare and Hounds Quiz Social event
12 Nov 2014 The Budget - a legal view

Jennifer Cave and Tobias Hole, Osborne Clarke

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