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Bristol Actuarial Society - Past events

Past events 2017/2018

Date Topic Speaker/Social event
8 June 2018 BAS Annual Ball Social event
15 March 2018 'After the event' insurance (ATE) Geoff Watts
24 November 2017 Themed quiz event Social event
1 August 2017 Proactive ALM.  How an innovative well-integrated finance function could unlock economic value Gareth Mee and Sam Tufts

Past events 2016/2017

Date Topic Speaker/Social event
15 June 2017 BAS Open Golf Championship Social event
6 June 2017 A new framework for Technical Actuarial Standards Speakers frm the FRC
24 May 2017 A History of British Actuarial Thought Craig Turnbull, Investment Director at Standard Life Investments
18 April 2017 Insurance v Banking: Who wins the capital battle? Andrew Kenyon and Stuart Morris
21 February 2017 Is C3PO your next Life Assurance Agent? Jason Whyte, Director, Ernst & Young's Insurance sector team
9 February 2017 Preparing for change Gil Schwenk, Bath Consultancy Group
23 January 2017 ONS CPI Production James Tucker, Head of CPI production and user engagement at the Office for National Statistics
30 November 2016 Leaving the light on for future generations: investing into infrastructure Duncan Hale, Head of Infrastructure Research at Willis Towers Watson
24 November 2016 Recalculation of the transitional measure on technical provisions Jamie Cooke and Anthony Plotnek
4 October 2016 EU Insurance Regulations inquiry Phil Doggart, Policy Manager, IFoA

Past events 2015/2016

Date Topic Speaker/Social event
3 August 2016 Actuarial Standards consultation -
update on the ongoing TAS consultation
Robert Inglis and Faye Dyce, FRC
4 July 2016 Bristol Actuarial Society Open Golf Championship 2016 Social event
11 May 2016 BAS Pool Night Social event
3 May 2016 Recent legal developments Sara Chambers, Simon Davkies and Toby Hole of Osborne Clarke LLP
18 April 2016 ONS Mortality Statistics Claudia Wells, Head of Mortality Analysis at the Office for National Statistics
21 March 2016 The EU Referendum Tim Werkhoven, Policy Adviser, IFoA
17 March 2016 Go-Karting Social event
15 March 2016 BAS Quiz Night Social event
2 March 2016 Education Strategy Review Karen Brocklesby, Registrar, IFoA
10 February 2016 Fundamentally rethinking ALM post Solvency II Neil Snyman (Aviva Investors) and Paul Fulcher (Nomura International)
26 November 2015 Testing, communicating and justifying your capital model.  A talk on the Working Paper of the Life Aggregation and Simulation Techniques Working Party Member of the Life Aggregation and Simulation Techniques Working Party
15 October 2015 Investor story and disclosures Jeff Davies and Rob Nakielny from Ernst & Young
7 October 2015 APS X2: Review of Actuarial Work Christine McConnell and Phil Doggart, IFoA
26 August 2015 Bristol Actuarial Society Summer Quiz Night Social event

Past events 2014/2015

Date Topic Speaker/Social event
12 Jul 2015   BAS Paintball.  A morning of paintball followed by lunch
17 Jun 2015   BAS Open Golf Championship 2015
8 June 2015 Solvency II - asset look through Frank Carr
14 May 2015 Professional Skills for Experienced Members Patrick Cleary, member of the IFoA's working group that developed the professionalism online content
17 Mar 2015 Key skills for life Rob Green, Green13 Solutions Ltd
9 Mar 2015   BAS Quiz Night
26 Feb 2015 FRC's consultation - A new Framework for Actuarial Standards Robert Inglis and Natasha Reegan, FRC
29 Jan 2015 Non-traditional assets Gareth Mee, E&Y, Eugene Dimitriou, PIMCO
25 Jan 2015   Bristol Actuarial Society five-a-side Football Tournament
2 Dec 2014

Is 75 the new 65? / AGM

Gareth Strange and Owen Hewlett, Towers Watson
28 Nov 2014   Hare and Hounds: Games through the ages
13 Nov 2014   Steve Webb, Pensions Minister and MP for Thornbury and Yate
30 Oct 2014  When economics meets psychology - can the actuary cope? Amit Panmar FIA, GC Analytics
16 Sep 2014 The developments and strategy of the IFoA moving forward Derek Cribb, Chief Executive, IFoA
27 Aug 2014   The Society's Bi-annual Quiz
24 Aug 2014   Bristol Actuarial Society five-a-side Football Tournament
17 Jul 2014   Bristol Actuarial Society Open Golf Championship 2014

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