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Staple Inn Actuarial Society - Past events

Date Topic Speaker/Social event
28 January 2016   Pub quiz
20 November 2015   SIAS invites you to...a night at the awards
10 November 2015 Insights from Economist Professor Jagit Chadha Professor Jaghit Chadha adviser to the Treasury Select Committee, Bank of England and other policy making institutions
29 October 2015   Welcome Drinks
22 October 2015   SIAS Pool Tournament
19 October 2015 Annual General Meeting & Jubilee Lecture Professor Jagjit Chadha, Economist
8 September 2015 You Cannot Lose: Pricing, Products and Professionalism
Neil Hilary, Education Actuary at IFoA and guest speakers Rebecca Deegan, Sameer Keshani, Brian Gedalla, and Laurence Townley
15 August 2015   SIAS Sports Tournament 2015
4 August 2015 IFoA’s Strategic Review of the Qualification Process Members of the Education Team at the IFoA
17 July 2015   Boat Party 2015
7 July 2015  The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth under and over disclosure in insurance applications Jonathan Hughes, Andrew Doran
18 June 2015   SIAS Bowling Tournament
9 June 2015 The nature of longevity risk Sacha Dhamani
12 May 2015

Incorporating trends into Historic Financial Analysis: The value of Change Points when looking at Historic Data

Matt Modisett
19 March 2015   Poker Night
3 March 2015 Procyclicality and structural trends in investment allocation by insurance companies and pension funds  Presentation on a Bank of England study
19 Feb 2015   SIAS Salsa night
3 Feb 2015 A new framework for Technical Actuarial Standards Presentation from the FRC
29 Jan 2015   SIAS Quiz Night
20 Jan 2015 NAPF Longevity Model: To the future ... and beyond Matt Fletcher and Steven Baxter, Club Vita
16 Dec 2014 Stress and scenario testing working party Members of the Stress and Scenario Testing working party
25 Nov 2014 Behavioural science for insurance: A game change or just a theory Richard Purcell and Adam Noach
21 Nov 2014   Annual Dinner
23 Oct 2014   Pool Tournament
21 Oct 2014 Annual General Meeting and Jubilee Lecture

Steve Webb, Minister of State for Pensions
Steve Groves, CEO, Partnership

13 Oct 2014   Welcome drinks
2 Sept 2014 The need for change in economic theory Andrew Smithers
30 Aug 2014   Sports Tournament
5 Aug 2014 The future role of actuaries Members of the Education Team at the IFoA

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