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Society of Northern Ireland Actuaries - Past events

2014/2015 Session

Date Topic Speaker/Social event
15 June 2017 Is sustainable business sustainable now that Donald Trump sits in the Oval Office? Dr Jim Crilly
Dolm Fitzgerald
Colin Wilson
8 May 2017 Revised Technical Actuarial Standards Erica Nicholson, Project Director, Actuarial Policy, FRC
8 June 2016 Banking and actuaries
What is funding liquidity risk and how can a bank manage it?
Fiona Morrision, IFoA President, John Young and Barry Shields, RBS, and Iain Ritchie, ARC PhD Students
20 Jan 2016 The IFoA Disciplinary Scheme and You Fiona Burrough, Case Manager, IFoA
20 Nov 2015 This is your chance to make a difference Christine McConnell, Head of Regulatory Compliance, IFoA, and Phil Doggart, Policy Manager, IFoA
4 Jun 2015 APS X2: Review of Actuarial Work Emma Gilpin, Regulatory Solicitor, General Counsel Directorate, IFoA, and Mark Shimmons, President of SoNIA
12 Feb 2015 The developments and strategy of the IFoA moving forwards Derek Cribb, CEO, IFoA
26 Jan 2015 Sessional research event: Forecasting death rates using exogenous determinants
Hosted jointly by SoNIA and the IFoA
Chair: Mark Shimmons, President, SONIA
Speakers: Declan French, Lecturer, Queens University, Belfast; and 
Colin O'Hare, Senior Lecturer, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
27 Nov 2014 Aan Collins, Director and Head of Corporate Advisory Services, Spence Scheme funding - is the triennial valuation a thing of the past? 

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