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Benefits to employers

Many employers positively encourage the actuaries in their organisation to volunteer for the profession

The experience of volunteering for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) can provide tangible benefits in terms of building networks and developing skills. It can offer the opportunity to gain hands on learning which some members say can be more beneficial than a conventional training course.

Volunteering can:

  • stretch and develop both personal and professional skills
  • offer members the chance to work alongside industry experts
  • raise the profile of individual volunteers and their organisation
  • provide the opportunity to gain a wider perspective
  • give access to experience outside their own specialist area
  • offer opportunities to test and share ideas
  • open up opportunities to be involved in cutting edge change and thought leadership.

Please encourage your colleagues to sign up to the RSS feed on the volunteer vacancies page.

Listen to a senior volunteer from Standard Life give his views where he says:

There are a lot of benefits for an employer ....  I've been on many training courses at work, but what I've benefitted from most is what  I've learned from my volunteering activities for the profession.


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Contact Details

If you have enquiries about volunteering please contact Debbie Atkins, Head of Engagement:

Debbie will respond to your email within three working days and often sooner.