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Health & Care Board update – October 2020

Anna Spender, Health & Care Board Member provides an update.

Anna Spender, H&C BoardIn the continuing “new normal”, October saw another socially distanced virtual board meeting, which we are all now becoming experts in! (Whilst still managing to struggle to get off mute!). We are hoping that 2021 will enable us to meet in person again.

This meeting we welcomed two new Board members: Jennifer Hartley and Vicky Gardener who join as the Council representative and Research representative respectively. A warm welcome to them both.

We kicked off another interesting and full agenda by hearing from one of our guests, Grahame Stott. Grahame is Chair of the Management Board which oversees the operation and management of the IFoA. Grahame talked us through the recent governance review looking at how we make our structure and processes more efficient, agile, and focused on providing value to our members, including how we engage more effectively as a community. This is key to us as a profession so that we can keep moving forward, adapt, & evolve.

This was followed by Melissa Leitner (Sustainability Board) who talked about the recent “Climate-related risk at the IFoA” paper. Sustainability is rising up the agenda on every aspect of our lives, and creating further awareness of this in relation to health and care, and what that actually means will be a focus for us in 2021. If you have ideas, views, thoughts in this area and can add to the debate please get in contact with me -

In addition to our guest speakers we covered Brexit with Henry Thompson (Head of Public Affairs), followed by updates on working parties (Vicky Gardner), and lifelong learning (Graham Lee).

We finished the meeting by reviewing the results of our recent “Health & Care practice area – Member engagement survey”, thank you to everyone that responded. These results will help drive our member engagement strategy for 2021.

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