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Conference papers for Cross practice practice area

A Holistic Study into Cash flow Driven Investment

Actuarial Innovation in the COVID-19 Era

Antibiotic Resistance: An Evolving Threat

ARC Event: Beyond Proportional Hazards

ARC Sessional: How Medical Advances and Health Interventions Will Shape Future Longevity

ARC Webinar Series: Behavioural Aspects of Institutional Investment Decision-Making

ARC Webinar Series: Minimising Longevity and Investment Risk while Optimising Future Pension Plans

Current Issues in General Insurance (CIGI) 2018

Evolution of Solvency 2 and Capital Standards

Get ready for IFRS 17, UK Actuarial Profession Event

IFoA Africa Conference 2018 - Kenya

IFoA Africa Conference 2018 - Mauritius

IFoA Asia Conference 2016

IFoA Asia Conference 2017

IFoA Asia Conference 2018

IFoA Asia Conference 2019, Chengdu

IFoA Conference 2022

International Mortality and Longevity Symposium 2016

Life Conference 2015

Momentum Conference 2015

Momentum Conference 2016

Mortality and Longevity Seminar 2017

NED Event: Building Appropriate Trust and Maintaining Integrity as a Non-Executive Director

OCF - Sustainability and the Financial System

One Day seminar: Risks in Life Insurance

Pensions, Risk and Investment Conference 2016 with AFIR /ERM

Sessional Meeting - Asset Liability Modelling in the Quantum Era

Sessional Meeting - Climate Risk Reporting Practices by UK Insurance Firms and Pension Schemesg Practices by UK Insurance Firms and Pension Schemes

Sessional Meeting - Long term stochastic risk models: The 6th generation of modern actuarial models?

Sessional Meeting: Allowing for shocks in portfolio mortality models

Sessional Research Event: Life Insurance at the Crossroads

Sessional Research Event: Self-selection and Risk Sharing in a Modern World of Life-Long Annuities

Sessional Roundtable: The Importance of Biodiversity Risks for Actuaries

Spring Lecture 2018

Spring Lecture 2019

The Actuary as a Data Scientist - What, How & Why?

The Elephant in the Room: The Diversity Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask

The Impact of Wearable Technology and Internet of Things Networking and CPD Event

UK Bodily Injury Claims Settlement Framework