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CPD recording for Senior Managers, Non-Executive Directors and Trustees

Are you an IFoA member in a Leadership, Senior Management, Non-Executive Director or Trustee role?

If you are a member of the IFoA carrying out a role in Senior Management, acting as Non-Executive Director or Trustee, you may not necessarily be relying upon your actuarial qualifications to carry out your role.

Therefore you may wonder why you still have to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

CPD requirements for members in senior roles

Even if you are no longer working on technical actuarial matters, IFoA members who hold senior roles and who work for more than 20 hours each year, are still required to complete CPD. Your colleagues and members of the public will still see you as a member of the actuarial profession and they will expect that you continue to meet the high standards associated with being a member of a widely recognised global professional body.

In order to safeguard the public interest we consider that it is appropriate for senior members of the IFoA to continue to carry out CPD.

How can members in senior roles meet their CPD obligations?

The CPD Scheme requires that you complete learning which is relevant to the work or role that you carry out and which offers you a personal development opportunity.

It could be that learning on corporate governance or legal responsibilities of a senior manager would be a more beneficial way to focus your activities. The types of learning below gives an indication of what CPD is acceptable and what may help you to meet your CPD requirements.

  • Management responsibilities
  • Leading your organisation
  • People management
  • Challenges facing a NED
  • Conflicts of interest training
  • Current regulatory issues

CPD Resources

There are a number of resources on the IFoA website to support you in meeting your CPD obligations:

Are you a member of another professional body? 

If you are a member of another professional body and fulfilling that body’s CPD requirements, you may also use this learning to fulfil your IFoA CPD requirements as long as it is relevant to your work or role and offers a development opportunity.

If you have any questions about fulfilling your CPD obligations please contact our Membership team.

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