This glossary provides definitions of terminology used in the CPD Scheme

CPD glossary

Term Definition
Administration fee A payment of £50 to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA).
Charge A payment of £750 to the IFoA.
CPD Learning which is relevant to the nature of the member’s work or role and which addresses a personal development need.

Written evidence of participation in the CPD activity recorded which includes but is not limited to:

  • a signed register of attendance
  • a certificate vouching for the completion of  a course or activity
  • hard copies of lectures or presentations delivered by the member
  • articles or papers written for publication and
  • written confirmation from a provider of an on-line resource.
External events

Any training or development activity which exposes a member to an exchange of viewpoints and includes individuals from outside the member’s own organisation. External events may include, but are not limited to:

  • relevant activities held within the member’s organisation which are hosted by, or which feature or include, a person from outside that organisation and
  • digital or on-line seminars or other web-based learning activities.
Fully regulated Fellows or Associates who are subject to the full regulation of the IFoA (i.e. who have not been granted partial regulation status).
Learning outcome A description of the knowledge and/or skills which the member gained as a result of taking part in the CPD activity.
Online CPD record Members’ personal CPD records accessible via the members’ section of the IFoA website.
Partially regulated Members who have been granted partial regulation status by the IFoA.
Practising certificate A practising certificate issued by the IFoA.
Professional Skills Training The training regime operated by the IFoA which focuses on the wider, non-technical skills which are required by all members, regardless of their role.
Relevant date

Either, the date:

  • of the member’s application for a practising certificate or
  • selected by the member in accordance with the provisions of the Practising Certificate Scheme.

Members who:

  • are not in paid work which relies upon their actuarial training and experience, in the widest interpretation, or on their membership of the IFoA
  • do not expect to return to such work and
  • have been registered by the IFoA as retired.
Technical skills Skills which are technical in nature and specific to a member’s area or role.

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