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Having trouble with video content on the VLE?

Please read the following guidance if you are having issues with playing videos or with claiming CPD via the Claim CPD button.

I click on a link to video content and see a message saying "access denied"

If you are trying to view IFoA video content on your workplace PC, their firewall may be preventing you from viewing IFoA video content.

Try viewing the video content on your home computer or another device.

I try and play a video, the video won’t play and I see a blue spinning circle

This is either a browser or cache issue.

We recommend viewing IFoA video content using either Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. You may have difficulty viewing video content using FireFox [or other browsers].

If you cannot play video content in your browser, try clearing your browser’s cache.

I click on a link to resources listed under My Courses on the VLE but nothing happens

You need to clear your browser’s cache.

Once you have cleared your browser’s cache, refresh the webpage and try clicking on the link again.

I clicked on the Claim CPD button but my CPD has not been recorded

You internet speed may be slow or your connection interrupted, which means that your CPD may not have been registered. If your CPD has not been automatically registered you will see a blue tick in the box on the right of Claim CPD which indicates that it was activated.

If the Claim CPD button has failed to register your CPD you will need to record the activity manually by logging into the My Account section of the website and My CPD.

If you are experiencing any other issues with accessing IFoA video content or recording your CPD please contact