The Continuing Professional Development Scheme is effective from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019 for all categories except Category 1

How do I access my CPD record?

To access your CPD record, simply sign in to the website using your username (which is your ARN) and your password.  Click on the "My account" section at the top right hand side of the page, then scroll down until you see the CPD button.  Click here and it will take you through to record your CPD.

How do I record my CPD activities?

The record will ask you to classify each CPD activity recorded as either:

  • an “external event”, or
  • “other learning activity”.

If the activity is an “external event” you will be asked to further describe the activity by making a selection from the following options:

  • IFoA event
  • own organisation’s event
  • digital or online learning, or 
  • other external event.

If the activity is “another learning activity” you will be asked to make a selection from the following options:

  • digital or online learning
  • own organisation’s event
  • private study (NB this option will not be available to Category 1 members), or
  • other activity.

You will then be asked to confirm a description of the activity and the date on which it was completed.

You should then record the number of hours of technical and/or professional learning completed. If you enter any time in the professional hours field, you will be asked to confirm whether the activity counts towards your Stage 3 Professional Skills Training requirements or whether it was simply other professional learning.

I have recently attended a two-day conference relevant to my area of work. How many CPD entries must I complete for this activity?

You are only required to complete one CPD entry for each single learning activity even where that activity spans a number of days, such as a conference or training course.

It is open to you to list the individual sessions or components of a conference or training course if you would like to record a separate learning outcome for each one.

Can I design my own CPD record form or use one from another professional body?

No, members who are required to record their CPD must do so using the online recording system within the members’ area of the website. This is because we use our online system to monitor records efficiently.

Do I have to record my CPD activities online?

Yes, you should record your CPD activity in your online record.  You should also retain evidence of those activities for two years so that you are able to provide evidence to the IFoA if you are selected for monitoring.

Can I add my hours after the CPD year ends? 

Category 1 members must have all their CPD activities recorded in their online record by the date they make their initial application or a renewal application for a practising certificate.

The CPD year for all other members runs from 1 July to 30 June. Those members’ CPD records remain open for recording activities for one month following the end of the CPD year, until 31 July. The online system then closes on 31 July and members are not able to add or amend any activities recorded for the previous CPD year. 

Members in Category 1 whose CPD records are not compliant as at the end of their CPD year will not be able to renew their practising certificates.

Members in all other categories whose CPD records are not compliant as at the end of their CPD year on 30 June will be offered an extension to 30 September to update their CPD records upon making payment of an administration fee. Members must then send details of the relevant activities to the Membership Team at  for inclusion within their CPD records. If a member is unable to provide details of qualifying CPD activities they may be referred under the Disciplinary Scheme for failing to comply with the requirements of the CPD Scheme.

In certain circumstances, you may be offered the opportunity to make payment of a charge and have the fact of your default recorded in both the IFoA’s Register of Non-compliers and the Actuarial Directory. This option is only open to members who have not defaulted on the terms of the CPD Scheme in the last ten years.

Can I count Lifelong Learning towards my CPD requirements?

When the learning is relevant to your work or role and addresses a personal development need, this can also be used to meet your CPD requirements.

Lifelong learning can be described as a member’s individual search for ways in which to enhance their personal learning and development. This can be undertaken via a variety of methods to suit different working styles and interests.

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If you have any enquires about CPD, please contact the Membership Team

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