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Having trouble with video content on the VLE?

Please read the following guidance if you are having issues with playing videos or with claiming CPD via the Claim CPD button.

I click on a link to video content and see a message saying "access denied"

If you are trying to view IFoA video content on your workplace PC, their firewall may be preventing you from viewing IFoA video content.

Try viewing the video content on your home computer or another device.

I try and play a video, the video won’t play and I see a blue spinning circle

This is either a browser or cache issue.

We recommend viewing IFoA video content using either Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. You may have difficulty viewing video content using FireFox [or other browsers].

If you cannot play video content in your browser, try clearing your browser’s cache.

I click on a link to resources listed under My Courses on the VLE but nothing happens

You need to clear your browser’s cache.

Once you have cleared your browser’s cache, refresh the webpage and try clicking on the link again.

I clicked on the Claim CPD button but my CPD has not been recorded

When you click the Claim CPD button you should be redirected to the online CPD form to complete. If the form fails to load after clicking the button it could be caused by slow internet speed or an interrupted connection – it is worth reporting to the VLE Team so they can look into the issue. Your CPD claim will only update if you have completed the form and clicked the submit button

The Claim CPD button is restricted to one use even if you experience technical issues before submitting your claim – if there is a blue tick in the box to the right of the Claim CPD button this indicates the button has been used and you won’t be able to use it again. You will therefore need to add your claim manually and request verification of your viewing from the VLE Team.

If you are experiencing any other issues with accessing IFoA video content or recording your CPD please contact

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Events calendar

  • GIRO 2020 Virtual Conference

    Available to watch globally in November.
    02-13 November 2020
    Spaces available


    This year's GIRO has been re-designed as a virtual conference to offer members and non-members the opportunity to get up to date content from leading experts in the general insurance field via online webinars. All sessions will be recorded and made available to purchase and re-watch post-event on the IFoA's GI Online Learning Resource area

  • Spaces available

    The webinar will discuss the challenges and opportunities schemes face in evaluating end game options, choosing a target state and understanding the impact this strategic decision could have on member outcomes long after the “end state” is reached. Adolfo, Kevin and Rhian bring over 60 years of experience in the industry and a variety of perspectives as scheme actuary, covenant adviser, trustee, de-risking adviser and insurer.

  • Spaces available

    Retail banking is going through a period of substantial change as it moves into the digital age. Banks have large amounts of data about their customers and about their risks. Open data application programming interface (APIs) and data science are enabling banks to use their data to offer innovative and sometimes personalised services. Data science is also adding value in risk areas such as fraud detection and cyber security. At the same time, the move to online banking is making it easier for firms including fintechs to enter banking without having to establish branch networks.

  • Spaces available

    Cash-flow driven investing is a game-changer for DB pension funds navigating their end-game. Suitable for sponsors who want to reduce risks on their balance sheets. And for trustees, it shifts the focus to providing greater certainty of returns, managing funding level volatility and ensuring they have enough income to pay cash-flow requirements.

  • Spaces available

    Patrick Kennedy, Partner at Gateley Legal and Founding Director of Entrust (a leading professional pensions trustee company), will be delivering an update on the latest legal developments during the course of 2020. With both a pensions legal perspective and over 25 years of trustee service, Patrick will seek to highlight how the letter of the law has continued to evolve against the backdrop of a difficult and challenging year

  • Spaces available

    The talk will provide an understanding of the priorities and relationships between deficit reduction contributions, in the context of wider scheme funding, and different types of value outflow from the employer based on the working party’s recently published report. 

  • Spaces available

    Covid-19 has required an urgent and cross-practice initiative to facilitate the extensive impact this pandemic has across all industries. IFoA members have been keen to contribute in a different way, so we developed the IFoA Covid-19 Action Taskforce [ICAT] to coordinate our effort, with a more efficient governance.

    We have over 500 volunteers and countless topics which we have amalgamated into 93 workstreams.