What is the CMI tables program?

The CMI tables program (STP) is a computer package which includes all of the CMI tables of mortality and morbidity published up to March 2009, together with a range of mortality projections.

Please note that, from April 2013, the CMI does not intend to issue new updates to STP.

The program is supplied on CD-ROM and requires the host PC to be running Windows XP SP2 or later. Download the latest STP manual. If you have any queries about the STP, please contact us on 020 7776 3820 or emaili: info@cmilimited.co.uk.

Does the STP contain the SAPS S1 Tables?

Yes, the latest version of the STP (version 3.3.1) contains these tables.

Does the STP contain the 00 Tables?

Yes, the latest version of the STP (version 3.3.1) contains these tables.

What mortality projections does the STP contain?

Any of the projection bases contained in version 1.3 of the CMI Library of mortality projections can be used with any of the annuitant and pensioner base tables from the 92, 00 and SAPS S1 series. Earlier tables also contain the original projections published alongside them where relevant. STP has not been updated to include version 1.4 of the CMI Library of mortality projections.

What morbidity tables does the STP contain?

STP contains selected tables and functions for income protection (PHI) business. These reflect the SM1975-78 graduations and the model set out in CMIR 12. The more recent graduations of sickness experience, IPM 1991-98, have not been incorporated in STP but a table of claim inception rates is available in spreadsheet form. Find out more.

STP does not contain any critical illness tables. However the AC04 tables are available in spreadsheet form. 

How much does the STP cost?

Although it is not intended to update STP, the latest version of the STP (version 3.3.1) is still available. New STP licences will be issued for £2,000 plus VAT which includes one user, with each additional simultaneous user costing £200 plus VAT. Different geographical locations will each require a full licence even though the networks may be linked. Discounts are available to CMI contributors and to learning institutions.

Who can use the STP once a licence has been purchased?

The STP is designed as a standalone system; it is not networkable, but it can be loaded onto as many PCs as necessary at any one site, so long as the maximum number of simultaneous users is not exceeded (additional simultaneous users can be purchased for £200 plus VAT per user). If you wish to use the STP at a different site, you will need to purchase a separate licence.

Can I use the STP in a separate product?

The STP was built as a standalone system; all the calculations are internal. It is not possible to call the STP functions directly.

I have an older version of the STP. Why have I not received version 3.3.1?

We wrote to everyone on our database as an STP user; however it is possible that our records are no longer up to date due to changes in personnel and addresses over the years since the STP was first issued. Please contact us if you are in this position.

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