The CMI Critical Illness Committee is making available the 1999-2002 data to member offices to allow them to undertake their own analyses and explore other methodologies

The data is a subset of the data supplied to the CMI, subject to certain fields having been removed to preserve confidentiality. Please note that the provision of this data does not create any precedent for the release of corresponding data in future years, which may not be possible due to the need to preserve confidentiality or may be in a different format.

In order to obtain the data from the CMI, please complete the Data Request Form. We will retain your contact details so that we can keep you updated of developments or issues relating to the data, if appropriate.

The data is made available on the understanding that you agree to the following conditions:

  • The CMI has made reasonable attempts to validate the data but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed and the CMI accepts no liability for its use
  • The data is made available for your use only. The data (or copies of the data) must not be passed to any other organisation, and
  • That the CMI will be acknowledged as the source of the data in any published comment or analysis.

In using the data we request that you communicate any issues you discover to the Critical Illness Committee by emailing at the earliest opportunity.

The CMI are keen that alternative approaches to the analysis of the data and any difference in the results are discussed with the Committee, before any public comment is made. We hope you will feel able to abide by this request.

The data is provided in a text file on CD.

If you would like to contact the Critical Illness Committee please email

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