Dr.Aubrey de Grey, Biomedical gerontologist, Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation and Editor-in-Chief of Rejuvenation Research

Dr.Aubrey de Grey

Andy Couchman, Co-chairman of Protection Review, managing director of Bank House Communications and one of the UK’s leading commentators and consultants on life and health insurance

Andy Couchman

Professor Nick Wood, Galton Professor of Genetics and Research Director of the UCL Genetics Institute.  He is currently a Consultant Neurologist and Vice-Dean for Research in the UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences.  He is the UCLH BRC Neuroscience Programme Director. 

Professor Nick Wood

Paul Casey, Hannover Re

Paul currently heads the marketing & communications team at Hannover Re UK Life Branch.

Paul Casey

Malcolm Slee, Chair of the Professional Content Development Working Group

Malcolm Slee

John Knell, Author of The 80 Minute MBA

John Knell is one of the UK's leading thinkers on the changing face of work and organisations, and he has an international reputation as a cultural policy consultant.

John Knell

Charles Leadbeater 

Charles Leadbeater is an author and renowned strategic thinker whose advice is sought by governments, cities and corporations across the world in explaining how the future gets made through innovation. 

Charles Leadbeater