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Leadership and professionalism


Frank Redington: The Man and His Ideas

Frank Redington is recognised as one of the most influential actuaries of all time. In this talk, Craig Turnbull, Bank of England, reviewed some of Redington's most important ideas. He identified the consistent actuarial principles that form a common thread across the contributions Redington made to a broad range of actuarial fields and highlighted the ongoing relevance of Redington's thinking to 21st-century actuarial practice.


Delivering Policyholder Protection in Insurance Regulation presented by Andrew Bailey

The IFoA was pleased to host the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, who delivered a speech on delivering policyholder protection in insurance regulation. The speech was presented to an in-person audience, and simultaneously live-streamed on Wednesday 1 December 2021. Andrew Bailey served as Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) from 1 July 2016 until taking up the role of Governor. As CEO of the FCA, Andrew Bailey was also a member of the Prudential Regulation Committee, the Financial Policy Committee, and the Board of the Financial Conduct Authority.

Presidential Speaker Series: Cultural Transformation of the Profession
The final panel event of the Presidential Speaker Series - The Cultural Transformation of the Profession - will see senior actuaries involved with the profession (both pre and post-merger) discuss the evolution of the IFoA and the actuarial community. Former IFoA President and chair of the session, Jane Curtis will be joined by fellow past Presidents Ronnie Bowie, Paul Thornton and immediate Past President Tan Suee Chieh, as well as Sally Bridgeland, the first management Board Chair post-merger. They will reflect on the progress the profession has made in the last few years, the drivers for change in the years ahead and the steps actuaries will need take in order to remain relevant and influential. Drawing on their extensive experience and vast contributions to the profession over the last few decades, the panel will debate why actuaries need to adapt and move into wider areas - and how the IFoA’s VSMD strategy can support this reinvention. Panel: Jane Curtis, Paul Thornton, Tan Suee Chieh, Sally Bridgeland and Ronnie Bowie

Behavioural Science Series with Dr Anthony Hodgson: Systems Thinking & Tragedy of Consciousness
We have entered the global age which is invalidating most of the assumptions upon which our success up till now has depended. For example, in the global planetary society there can be no externalities. Although there is increasing clamour for new ways of thinking, sadly, our attempts to invent such new ways remain trapped in the same historical set of assumptions. The result is that we are faced with three tragedies. Firstly, the tragedy of the commons; secondly, the tragedy of horizons; thirdly, the tragedy of consciousness. In his talk Anthony Hodgson will concentrate on the tragedy of consciousness, as he believes it is that which seriously exacerbates the other two. He will elaborate on three aspects of this third tragedy. Firstly, the way our brilliance at managing the complicated blinds us from seeing how to manage the complex. Secondly, the way our quest for rationality has blinded us to our real presence in the world and our effect on it. Thirdly the way cultural conditioning is preventing us from releasing the creativity that he believes we have to mitigate and transcend our predicament of which the climate emergency and the pandemic are but symptoms. The anticipatory governance and global perspective that we need requires us to be present as conscious beings, to develop other ways of knowing to complement our rationality and the creation of reflexive transdisciplinary cultures in which a whole systems inclusive approach is the norm. Following his presentation, Dr Anthony Hodgson will be joined by Dr Erica Thompson, Senior Policy Fellow at the LSE Data Science Institute and Nico Aspinall, Chief Investment Officer at B&CE for a panel discussion around the themes of the session The panel will be chaired by Tan Suee Chieh.

Presidential Speaker series Interview with Patrick Poon

Presidential Address 2021
Join newly inaugurated IFoA President Dr. Louise Pryor as she explores what we need to do to keep abreast of the changing world – and how we can seize the resulting opportunities – in her Presidential Address, ‘A Learning Society’
Annual General Meeting 2021
Presidential Speaker Series with Sir Adrian Smith - Mathematical Futures: The Actuary in a World Transformed
Professionalism seminar - 02 June 2021
Live broadcast 
Behavioural Science Series with Dr Helen Wright - Growth Mindset
The world is changing. The fourth industrial revolution, globalisation and the COVID-19 pandemic are up-ending traditional social and business norms around the world; changes that were once predictable and steady are now faster and more profound. In response to this tumultuous transformation, Tan Suee Chieh has advocated a reinvention of the actuarial profession, through the adoption of the IFoA’s Vision, Skills, Mindsets and Domains (VSMD) Strategy, to ensure actuaries remain relevant and forward-looking. As part of the Behavioural Science Series, Dr Helen Wright will discuss how the adoption of ‘The Growth Mindset’ - a learning theory coined by renowned psychologist Professor Carol Dweck - can help the profession to succeed, flourish, and play a positive societal role in our global community in the midst of such change.
DPB Seminar 2021

Europe Town Hall

IFoA Immediate Past President John Taylor would like to invite you to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ (IFoA) virtual Europe Town Hall, hosted by John Taylor with IFoA Council Members Alan Rae, Jennifer Hartley, Maribel Vasquez Flores and IFoA Chief Executive, Stephen Mann. Given the restrictions on being able to meet our European members face to face, this Town Hall will be an opportunity for you to engage with the IFoA, hear the vision for the future of the profession, our member value proposition work, employer engagement, the IFoA in Europe, and our ongoing response to COVID-19. John, Alan, Jennifer, Maribel and Stephen would also really welcome the opportunity to hear and respond to your questions during this session which can be submitted in advance during the registration process.

Actuarial Innovation in the COVID-19 Era
Behavioural Science Series

Behavioural Science Series with Keith Grint - Wicked Problems, Clumsy Solutions and Leading Change

Keith Grint is Professor Emeritus at Warwick University. In this event, Professor Grint will outline how the nature of some of the problems we face within our own businesses and organisations - particuarly those around governance, culture and change - range from the complicated to the complex (wicked). He will share his insights on how these issues manifest themselves and how we can resolve them through various solutions: solutions which may themselves be ‘clumsy’. Following his talk, Keith will be joined by Nick Spencer and Angela Darlington for a panel discussion and audience Q&A.

Finance in the public interest Series

Finance in the Public Interest with John Kay, Sir Paul Collier, Andy Haldane and Louise Pryor

Finance in the Public Interest - Actuaries in the Public Interest

Panel discussion with - Ashok Gupta, Lucy Saye, Nico Aspinall and Nick Silver

Finance in the Public Interest with Sir Paul Collier

Sir Paul Collier is Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government and a Professorial Fellow of St Antony’s College. From 1998–2003 he took a five-year Public Service leave during which he was Director of the Research Development Department of the World Bank. He is currently a Professeur invité at Sciences Po and a Director of the International Growth Centre. He has written for the New York Times, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. His research covers the causes and consequences of civil war; the effects of aid and the problems of democracy in low-income and natural resources rich societies; urbanisation in low-income countries; private investment in African infrastructure and changing organisational cultures. Paul has authored numerous books, including The Bottom Billion (Oxford University Press, 2007) which in 2008 won the Lionel Gelber, Arthur Ross and Corine prizes and in May 2009 was the joint winner of the Estoril Global Issues Distinguished Book prize; Wars, Guns and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places (Vintage Books, 2009); The Plundered Planet: How to reconcile prosperity with nature (Oxford University Press, 2010); Exodus: How migration is changing our world (Oxford University Press, 2013); and The Future of Capitalism: Facing The New Anxieties (Penguin Books, 2018). His latest book, co-authored with John Kay, is Greed is Dead: Politics After Individualism (Penguin Books, 2020). In 2014, Paul received a knighthood for services to promoting research and policy change in Africa.

Finance in the Public interest with John Kay

John Kay is one of Britain’s leading economists. His interests focus on the relationships between economics and business. His career has spanned academic work and think tanks, business schools, company directorships, consultancies and investment companies. For twenty years, he wrote a regular column for the Financial Times. His witty and authoritative style has won a wide following for his books and articles which have been recognised by numerous awards and prizes. Forty years after he co-authored The British Tax System with Mervyn King – a book which went through five editions – the two authors have come together again with a very different subject. Radical Uncertainty will be published by the New Bridge Street Press in March 2020.

Presidential Speaker Series

The Patrick Poon Presidential Speaker Series - Sarah Gordon, CEO, Impact Investing Institute

In this talk, Sarah Gordon (Chief Executive Officer of the Impact Investing Institute and former business editor of the Financial Times) will make the case for why pension funds should be looking to invest sustainably and with impact. Referring to the Institute’s work on pension trustee fiduciary duty, she will ‘bust’ some of the myths that perpetuate around impact investing for pension funds, and talk about how considering impact can be a way of managing risks and identifying opportunities. 

 Presidential Address: full text

Presidential Address 2020: Tan Suee Chieh

Presidential Address 2019: John Taylor

Presidential Address videos

Presidential Update January 2021: Tan Suee Chieh

Presidential Address 2020: Tan Suee Chieh

Presidential Address 2019: John Taylor

Presidential Address 2018 : Jules Constantinou
Presidential Address 2017: Marjorie Ngwenya
Presidential Address 2016: Colin Wilson
Presidential Address 2015: Fiona Morrison
Presidential Address 2014: Nick Salter
Presidential Address 2013: David Hare
 IFoA Annual General Meetings

IFoA AGM 2020

IFoA Town Hall Meetings
December 2020

Two UK Town Halls were hosted by Tan Suee Chieh, with IFoA’s Immediate Past President, John Taylor, President Elect, Louise Pryor and IFoA Chief Executive, Stephen Mann.

UK Town Hall (08:30-09:30)
UK Town Hall (10.00-11.00)

January 2021

India Town Hall

Hosted by IFoA Immediate Past President John Taylor with IFoA Council Member Mahidhara Davangere and IFoA Chief Executive, Stephen Mann.

February 2021

MENAP Town Hall - hosted by IFoA Immediate Past President John Taylor with IFoA Chief Executive, Stephen Mann.

Sub-Saharan Town Hall - hosted by IFoA Immediate Past President John Taylor with IFoA Council Members Mukami Njeru, Prosper Matiashe and IFoA Chief Executive, Stephen Mann

CPD review
Proposals for a new CPD scheme - consultation meeting (5 February)
CPD review update webinar (2 April)
Leadership insights
Leadership Insights - Alastair MacDonald
Head of Advisory Portfolio Management (UK)
Leadership Insights - Alex King
Managing Director Pacific Life Re, Singapore
Leadership Insights - Angela Darlington
Group Chief Risk Officer
Leadership Insights - Bill Smith
Chief Executive
Leadership Insights - Glenn Williams
CEO Axa Life Assurance, Singapore
Wider Fields - Chin Tze How
Chief Market Management Officer, Allianz, Malaysia
Wider Fields - Embracing Diversity
Views from leading women in the profession; Eve Finn, Penny Shaw and Angela Darlington
Wider Fields - Finance and Investment
Bill Smith, Eve Finn, Alasdair MacDonald, Francis Chua, Ren Lin and Jos Vermeulen
Wider Fields - General Insurance
Michael Tripp and Martin Noble
Wider Fields - Pensions
Steven Catchpole and Francis Chua
Wider Fields - Risk
Penny Shaw, Chris Lewin and Angel Darlington
Wider Fields - Resource and Environment
Louise Pryor, Deputy Chair, Resource and Environment Board

Masterclasses and cross practice

Masterclasses are non-technical pieces of learning that enhance your business skills and knowledge.

(Length 01:34:34)
15 March 2018
This seminar provides the opportunity to hear about the GDPR from an expert in data protection law.
This event is aimed specifically at Scheme Actuaries. 
The implications of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) webinar
(Length 01:00:27)
9 March 2018
GDPR comes into force on 25 May 2018. It will impose significant requirements and responsibilities on all those who handle EU residents’ personal data. In particular, actuaries or their employers may be categorised as data controllers or data processors and should ensure that they are familiar with the changes introduced by, and implications of, GDPR.

This webinar discusses the general implications of GDPR for actuaries, both those operating in the UK and internationally.

Get ready for IFRS 17
(Length 01:55:03)
10 July 2017
On 18 May the International Accounting Standards Board published its long-awaited insurance contracts standard IFRS 17, effective date 2021.  To help IFoA members, the IFoA’s cross-practice Financial Reporting Group (FRG) hosted an event at Staple Inn covering this achievement.  It addressed questions such as ‘What does IFRS 17 mean for the insurance industry?’ and ‘What do we need to do to prepare for IFRS 17 implementation?’ 

Webinar: Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure by Russell Picot, Specialist Advisor

Climate change is possibly the largest challenge facing humanity and actuaries can play an essential role in creating the systematic change needed to keep within a 2-degree scenario. Nico Aspinall, Chair of the IFoA’s resource and Environment Board is joined by Russell Picot, Specialist Advisor to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure to give IFoA members an overview of the Task Force’s work and how tackling the major public policy challenge posed by climate-related risk is relevant to our profession.

The Carrot, the Stick and Strategies for Success: Harnessing the Power of Diversity and Inclusion
Monday 13 February 2017

Following the success of The Elephant in the Room last year, the Diversity Advisory Group (DAG) is delighted to announce its latest event – a panel debate which discusses tried and tested strategies to harness the benefits of a diverse workforce.
Our panel consists of individuals at the forefront in this area and includes Lord Michael Hastings CBE, KPMG International’s Head of Citizenship; Suki Sandhu, Founder and CEO of OUTstanding and Audeliss, and Co-Founder of UPstanding; and Angela Darlington, Group Chief Risk Officer, Aviva. Our experts will share advice, strategies for success and tackle the trickiest questions the audience care to throw at them.

EU Referendum, lower migration is detrimental for the State Pension system – but can be mitigated

In this webcast the National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) explains recently commissioned IFoA research 'The Impact of Possible Migration Scenarios After 'Brexit' on the State Pension System.'
EU Referendum Debate
5 April 2016
(Length 01:29:20)

How could ‘Brexit’ or ‘Bremain’ impact people’s pensions, investments and insurance?

Asia Conference 2015

APS X2: A new approach to reviewing Actuarial work (GI focus)
(Length 01:07:43)
APS X2: A new approach to reviewing Actuarial Work
(Length 01:00:19)
Elephant in the Room: The Diversity Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask
(Length 01:35:18)

A discussion session providing a rare chance to share experiences and consider how to tackle issues. Subjects ranged from ways to permeate old boys’ networks, how diversity is about more than gender, and why women still struggle to progress to the top and leave the profession far earlier than men.

Leading by Example: Diversity in Business
(Length 01:07:37)
Covering a breadth of issues relating to diversity of all kinds in business, the event encouraged women to act as supportive role models for other women and take courage from their own abilities while recognising competence in others. 
An introduction to unconscious bias
Video 1 - Understanding its importance (00:09:06)
Video 2 - A closer look at the statistics (00:10:44)
Video 3 - The benefits of addressing it (00:05:53)
Helen Jamieson, Managing Director of Jaluch provides an introduction to unconscious bias.
Difficult conversations
(Length 00:09:01)
Designed to give you excellent tips on how to give feedback to a colleague or client that might be difficult to communicate.  Simple techniques which will take your feedback skills to a new level.  A must watch masterclass for anyone who is a position where your feedback, both positive and negative is required.
Personal impact
(Length 00:13:35)
This session will develop your personal presence both around the office, at meetings and when presenting to an audience.  A short film which provides example standing and sitting postures and how to use your voice and palms to maximise your impact.  This excellent session will give you some great takeaways which you can start using straight away.

Enjoy presenting
Part 1 (length 00:08:59)
Part 2 (length 00:08:47)

A two part Masterclass will provide you with excellent tips on how best to present at an event or meeting, including both basic ideas on how to introduce yourself right through to example techniques on how to present your information in a more memorable way.  These two short sessions will provide you with instant wins!

Enjoy networking
Part 1 (length 00:06:50)
Part 2 (length 00:07:11)

In this two part masterclass you will learn valuable ideas you can use right away: how to successfully network at an event or around the office.  How to answer the question "What do you do?" in a way that generates conversation and interest and keeps conversation flowing.  A really valuable session, from a highly recommended trainer.


CPD Co-ordinators

CPD Coordinators briefing 2019 

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    We’ve all heard about the gender pay gap. Sadly, the gap doesn’t just exist with base pay.

    Research carried out by Legal & General in 2021 across the four million members in our Defined Contribution (DC) pensions, found that there’s a gender pension gap too, continuing the divide between men and women.

  • Spaces available

    As current global events continue to demonstrate, geopolitical tensions present significant risks to corporates of all sizes. However, these types of risk are often not given the discussion time it needs at the board level or executive committee levels, nor the resources required to anticipate, analyse and mitigate them effectively.

  • Spaces available

    At retirement, it has become very popular for those with Defined Contribution (DC) pensions to choose drawdown rather than an annuity, but drawing a sustainable lifetime income in this way is an impossible challenge for most people. We consider a Decumulation Pathway for the typical consumer, where a small part of the DC fund is set aside for any flexible access and legacy requirements. The bulk is then used to provide a lifetime income, utilising the pooling or insuring of longevity risk.

  • CILA 2022

    23 May 2022 - 24 May 2022

    Spaces available

    We continue to live in a world of global uncertainty. Survival depends on our ability to simultaneously navigate through the diverse root-causes, ranging from: the consequences of Climate Change; transitioning to Net Zero; increased inflationary pressures and supply chain issues; to self-imposed changes in regulatory requirements. CILA 2022 focuses on these challenges to ensure we continue to be informed and remain battle ready, as well as showcasing highlights of recent CMI outputs.

  • Spaces available

    In the spirit of fostering the IFoA’s vibrant, global community and enabling our members to participate, we have decided to hold our AGM virtually again this year. This allows for greater accessibility to this important annual event, and for greater accountability of our organisation.

    The Business of the AGM

  • The IFoA Conference 2022

    133 Liverpool St, London EC3A 7BX and Online
    22 June 2022 - 23 June 2022
    Spaces available

    We’re delighted to welcome you back to our first in-person conference since early 2020, also being delivered virtually in our first-ever hybrid event. The theme of our inaugural two-day conference is ‘Focusing on tomorrow’s actuary’ and will explore the contribution actuarial science is making to some of tomorrow’s biggest issues.