Longevity and morbidity risks are of essential importance to the actuarial community. Longevity is increasing considerably both in developed and developing countries, including the UK. We believe that to be able to establish the drivers of this change, and to predict how they may change over time and how this would affect life expectancy, actuarial researchers need to engage in statistical modelling of mortality experience using large scale population-based individual level data collected over the long term. Big Actuarial Data such as the CMI data are then required to translate the results to the reference population of relevance to the actuarial community.


Principal researcher: Professor Elena Kulinskaya
Lead institution: University of East Anglia
Other partners: Assistance from technical experts within Aviva
Start date: 2016
End date: 2020
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Webinar - 13 June 2017
In this webinar, Professor Elena Kulinskaya (University of East Anglia) and industry expert Nigel Wright (Aviva) introduced the research programme, presented a case study on statins and life expectancy and answered questions from the audience.
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