When presenting your research you will often need to support your arguments by referring to other published work such as books, journal articles or electronic documents

It is important to give accurate references:

  • to give credit to the work of others
  • to provide evidence to support your argument
  • to enable a reader of your work to locate the reference
  • to avoid charges of plagiarism, an offence which can lead to loss of reputation and, in extreme cases, legal proceedings.

There are many systems for the citation of references. The journals of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) use the Harvard system which is used very widely in academic publications. There are many excellent resources on the Internet to guide you to use this system effectively:

The Anglia Ruskin University Harvard System of Referencing Guide explains how to cite references in the body of your text and how to compile the reference list and bibliography.

Mendeley - a free tool to help you manage your references

  • A free account with www.mendeley.com enables you to download the iPhone/iPad app and work remotely
  • An add-in in MS Word enables you to select citations as you go and populate your bibliography automatically.

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