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Actuarial Teachers and Researchers Conference (ATRC) 2018

Monday 30 July 2018 09:00 - Tuesday 31 July 2018 17:00

ATRC is an annual two-day event that provides a forum for academics, practitioners and professional bodies to exchange ideas on recent advances in actuarial research and education.


The theme of this year's conference will be the effect of developments in technology (especially machine learning and artificial intelligence) on actuarial science teaching and research. In other words: Staying ahead of the robots and attempting to answer three central questions:

  • How do we get the most from technology in teaching and assessment?
  • What skills should we be giving students for an AI driven future?
  • How are machine learning and AI techniques changing actuarial research now, and how will they widen opportunities in the future?

The event will consist of a teaching focussed day on Monday 30 July and a research focused day on Tuesday 31 July. Whilst we hope you can join us for both days, you are welcome to register for one day only.

The programme includes:

  • Professional skills training for academic actuaries
  • Staying ahead of the robots?
    • using technology for teaching and assessment
    • what skills to we need to give a students for an AI driven world?
  • Curriculum 2019 – challenges and opportunities
  • My first year in teaching
  • What can the history of actuarial thought teach us?


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College Court Conference Centre
Knighton Road, Leicester, LE2 3UF, Sat Nav - LE2 3TQ

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