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ARC Webinar Series 2021 - Use of Primary Health Care Records Data in Actuarial Research

Tuesday 9 March 2021 12:30 - 14:00

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As part of the ARC Webinar Series 2021, this webinar will review the work of the UEA/Aviva research team over the last four years on a major research programme funded by the IFoA’s Actuarial Research Centre. The research concentrated on the longevity of people with major long term medical conditions such as diabetes, transient ischaemic attack, stroke and heart attack, and assessed the effects of key treatments such as statins, blood pressure drugs and hormone replacement therapy. Analyses were based on electronic primary health care records of 3.4M patients born before 1960, extracted from The Health Improvement (THIN) data-base. Professor Elena Kulinskaya and her team will describe the approaches used, lessons learned, and their main results, including development of their innovative MyLongevity app to calculate life expectancy

Prof. Elena Kulinskaya 
Padma Chutoo 
Nurunnahar Akter 
Njabulo Ncube  

Prof Nicholas Steel 
Mr Nigel Wright 

Erik Vynckier 

Event organiser

Contact Niki Park for more information.

020 7632 2152

This webinar will take place from 12.30-14.00. 

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