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Bringing Cyber Operational Risk to life

Monday 28 March 2022 10:30 - 11:30

Enterprises are increasingly at risk of suffering financial losses from a cyber event. In line with this, Cyber Operational Risk is an increasingly important area for all IFoA practice areas and organisations regardless of the current escalation of geopolitical tensions. 

Kovrr, a Cyber risk model vendor to both insurers and enterprise, will use their Cyber risk quantification experience to highlight 

- the range of events that could occur, 

- the impacts these can have on your organisation, 

- what makes these impacts more likely/severe and 

- how moving from a mindset of cyber security mindset to one of cyber risk management can help better mitigate and manage this growing risk.

This event will also highlight some related work on Cyber tail risk for Life insurers currently being carried out by the Cyber Risk IFoA working party. More on this will come later in the year.


Tom Boltman

Tom Boltman is VP of Strategic Initiatives at Kovrr.
Prior to Kovrr Tom held senior leadership positions at a number of award-winning technology startups.
He also spent 5 years as a Producer at CNN International. He has an MA in Counter-Terrorism and a BA Hons. in International Relations.


Karl Oliver

Karl Oliver is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries with 12 years experience in UK life insurance with Lloyds Banking Group.  Karl currently works on Solvency II assumptions and methodology and is also a member of the IFoA’s Cyber Risk Working Party.



Visesh Gosrani (chair)

Visesh is Chair of the Institute and Faculty of the Actuaries Cyber Risk Working Party. He is also on the Advisory Board for Kovrr, a Cyber Risk model vendor and Head of Actuarial for the Medical Protection Society.  Visesh has a keen interest in the collection and use of behavioural data to better select insureds and to help them reduce the risk they present. Visesh co-founded Shoal, which was developing mechanisms to deduce underlying risk preferences. He joined Cyence, a cyber risk model vendor, to apply this work to Cyber risk as Director of Actuarial and Risk at Cyence. Professionally, Visesh has over 20 years of experience as an actuary and Chief Risk Officer in the insurance industry

Event organiser

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