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Climate Solvency The Actuaries Carbon Collaboration: Applying Actuarial Concepts to Carbon Emissions

Wednesday 6 July 2022 13:30 - 14:30

The Actuaries’ Carbon Collaboration (ACC) is a group of actuaries and other professionals working towards a coherent understanding of the issues around greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by considering them in an actuarial context.

Emissions into and absorption from the atmosphere can be modelled in the same way that we model variable cash flows, including the impacts of uncertain quantities and timing. The ACC’s work investigates both the insights that this analogy provides and its limitations.

This webinar will highlight some of the lessons learned from applying actuarial concepts to the topic of GHG emissions and explore some outstanding problems.


Louise Pryor, Immediate Past President, IFoA

Louise Pryor has had a varied career as an actuary, academic, and software developer. She has practised as an independent consultant in the areas of software risk and sustainability and has worked on financial modelling for social security and pensions reform in a number of emerging economies. She currently focuses on sustainability and co-chairs the Actuaries Carbon Collaboration. Louise is Immediate ex-President of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Chair of the London Climate Change Partnership and Chair of the Ecology Building Society.

Roelof Coertze  

Roelof Coertze is a deeply experienced actuary who is passionate about actuaries positively impacting the planet and society. He is co-chair of the Actuaries Carbon Collaboration and has contributed to a number of IFOA working parties, including risk management, TCFD and on climate risk topics. He is actively involved in setting targets for carbon reduction and responsible investment, performing climate scenario testing and embedding ESG and TCFD reporting, both internally and externally. He is also a father and wants to help leave the planet in good shape for his off-spring.

Chair: Oliver Bettis

Event organiser

Contact Niki Park for more information.

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This webinar will take place Wednesday 6th July – 13.30-14.30.