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DAG event - Can we overcome unconscious bias?

Thursday 9 May 2019 17:30 - 20:00

SOLD OUT. This session will examine our biases, look at what it feels like to be an outsider and give attendees practical tools and actions we can all take to support and grow diversity and inclusion, within the profession. This session is also designed to meet the objectives of the IFoA’s Stage 3 Professional Skills Training for experienced members. You may count time spent on this CPD activity towards meeting your overall CPD requirements and specifically towards meeting your Stage 3 PST requirements if you feel it has met the objectives as set out in the CPD Scheme 2018/2019.

Chair – Chika Aghadiuno, Group Risk Strategy & Analysis Director at Aviva and Chair of the Diversity Advisory Group (DAG)

Speaker – Robert Cole, Director Forth Perspectives.  Robert is the founder of Forth Perspectives offering change, leadership and inclusion consultancy and training building on his experience in corporate and third sector leadership roles in equality and diversity.  

Panel – Robert Cole, Director Forth Perspectives, Ji-Hyang Lee, Senior consulting actuary at Barnett Waddingham, and Siobhan Martin, European HR Director at Aegon Asset Management


Full Synopsis

We can't rely on what we see to give us the full picture of people who we employ and recruit.  Research reveals that 61% of all employees “cover” their identities in some way – not necessarily hiding something, but downplaying it for fear of drawing unwanted attention or making others uncomfortable.  
Why is this a problem?  We make judgments about people that can have a compound, negative impact on their careers.  The easy option can be to select people that appear to be just like us, with others feeling not part of the in-crowd.   

As Nick Salter said when launching the Profession's diversity plan "Diverse perspectives are a vehicle for innovation. They help us develop the best approach to any opportunity or challenge by considering alternatives, asking difficult questions and critically evaluating ideas. A diverse global membership allows us to harness our best minds to help us solve international business problems. “

We are all conditioned by our own heritage, experience and how we see the world outside. Our unconscious biases can negatively impact colleagues, particularly at important stages in their careers. Speaker Robert Cole will discuss these biases, after which there will be a panel discussion with opportunity for Q&A and networking drinks.

17:30 - 18:00 - Coffee and registration

18:00 -19:30 - Session speaker and panel discussion

19:30 - 20:00 - Networking drinks





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