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Finance and Investment Webinar: Applying Artificial Intelligence to systematic investing

Monday 23 March 2020 12:30

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What are the advantages of using artificial intelligence (AI) in investing? What are the differences between traditional quant and AI? This new webinar, part of a series of four webinars leading to the annual Finance & Investment Conference 2020, discusses challenges and the future of AI in the investment sector.

Speakers Daniel Philps, CFA, Head of Rothko Investment Strategies, and Raj Shah FIA, Assistant Portfolio Manager at Rothko Investment Strategies, will look at:

  • The difference between applying AI versus traditional quant investing
  • Where in the investment process AI can be used
  • How do we overcome inconsistencies in data via intelligent cross validation and error correction
  • Intelligent trading (reinforcement learning) and extracting alpha
  • What is the next generation of artifical intelligence and how do we look deeper into continual learning. 

This webinar is part of a series leading up to the annual Finance and Investment Conference 2020 in May.

Raj Shah and Dan Philps will be the speakers.




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