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NED MIG Event For ‘Aspiring NEDs'

Wednesday 1 March 2017 17:00 - 20:30

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In 2015 the NED MIG hosted an evening aimed at answering the question “What makes a good NED and how do I become one?”.

We return to the theme of the inexperienced NED and explore the skills needed for aspiring NEDs, including younger members, and those looking to land their first NED role.  The evening is aiming to provide proactive tips and advice, whilst addressing some of the current topics that any aspiring NED needs to keep in mind.  The range of issues and questions will be deliberately wide so as to appeal to as many members as possible.  

The challenge for many an aspiring NED is getting on to the short list for that all-important ‘first role’ and one route to consider is to gain experience on the Board of a subsidiary company first.  But, how do subsidiary boards differ and are they a useful stepping-stone to the main board?  What should a prospective NED candidate consider before applying for these positions?  What is the relationship between the subsidiary board and the main board – and are there potential conflicts to be aware of?

Getting a candidate with up to date, relevant experience is an objective of every Board, but how can younger NEDs best demonstrate their credentials for a Board role?  Are there compelling reasons for Boards to seek out new candidates and if so, how can aspiring NEDs get noticed?  How important are cultural awareness and digital skills for NEDs?

With more organisations and investors (not to mention regulators and customers) placing greater importance on ‘responsible’ business, how can NEDs acquire greater CSR knowledge and what is it that Boards seek when it comes experience in this area?

Finally, how can aspiring NEDs build the right type of connections and network to maximise their opportunities of securing a Board referral and, hopefully, an offer of a position?  What preparation can NED candidates undertake that will help to maximise their success at interview?  Where can they go for help and advice?

Our meeting on 1 March will seek to help younger and less experienced NED candidates of all ages to hear from experts in their field on how to get that all too elusive first NED appointment.  Experienced NEDs and members who hold roles on internal committees such as Risk and Audit are also likely to find the debate valuable (and are welcome to contribute their own thought to the topics).


Event organiser

Contact Niki Park for more information.

020 7632 2152

If this is for you, or you aspire to be an NED, of if you just want to know more and have an opportunity to question the experts, do join us.  The meeting will start with tea/coffee at 5pm for 5.30pm and finish at 7.30pm when we will adjourn for a glass of wine and networking.



Staple Inn Hall, High Holborn, London, WC1V 7QJ

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