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Sessional Event: The Genomic Underpinnings of Human Lifespan: Biology, Diseases and Prediction

Monday 21 January 2019 17:00 - 19:00

The Human Genome Project ushered in a revolution in our understanding of how DNA makes us individual, with 1000s of discoveries relating to health and disease. However, until recently, lifespan has not proved amenable to such analysis. 

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Dr Joshi will explain why and how some simple insights have now begun to unpick the genomics of lifespan. he will present a wide-ranging talk, presenting the basics of human inheritance and genomic analysis and then turn to the latest discoveries as to how the genome influences lifespan, discussing its predictive power and finally the prospects for future discovery and application. 

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Dr Peter Joshi

Peter is an AXA Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. He came to Edinburgh to study Mathematics in 1983 and trained as an actuary in the UK life insurance and banking industry before graduating and working at Standard Life and Tesco Bank and in consulting roles at Friends Life, Vanguard and Hymans Robertson.  He returned to science in 2011 and completed his PhD in human genetics 2015. 

His current principal research interest is the genomic basis of human lifespan, where analysis of the survivorship of ~1million UK Biobank parents is leading to fresh insights into how genetics influences how long each of us lives, and how we might predict and perhaps shape healthy aging.

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