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Sessional Meeting Webinar: Actuarial valuations to monitor defined benefit pension funding

Monday 9 March 2020 18:00 - 19:30

This paper addresses one of the fundamentals of actuarial practice: assessing the solvency of a defined benefit pension scheme. It is timely as The Pensions Regulator is reviewing its code of practice on funding, providing an opportunity for the actuarial profession to contribute to an important matter of public interest.

To view the paper, please log in to the website, and enter the sessional paper access code: 56DF2B25 under the programme tab.

The author builds on the substantial research effort of the profession, and supports the suggestion in several earlier papers to move the focus of practice to discounting cash flows at a market-consistent risk-free rate of interest. Following a discussion of further issues such as margins for prudence, risk and illiquidity, the author believes his proposals would lead to an objective and consistent approach to valuations, helping the understanding, management and regulation of pension scheme solvency, benefitting employers, trustees, scheme members and regulators.

Speaker: Christopher O'Brien

Chair: Debbie Webb, Willis Towers Watson

Event organiser

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0207 632 1498

Webinar: 18:00-19:30

To access the sessional paper and presentation, please log in, the password is: 56DF2B25




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