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SIAS Event: Modelling Antibiotic Resistance

Tuesday 8 May 2018 17:30 - 19:00

Antibiotic Resistance (‘ABR’) has featured heavily in the news, and has been a particular concern of the nation’s Chief Medical Officer.  ABR has the potential to wipe out the future mortality/longevity improvements we might otherwise reasonably expect from general medical/lifestyle advances.


Nicola Oliver, Mortality and Longevity Consultant, Medical Intelligence (UK) Ltd, Ross Hamilton, Ross Hamilton, pensions consultant, Willis Towers Watson and Dr Craig Armstrong, Aviva Longevity Research Team

In January 2017 the IFoA set up a working party to model the likely impact of ABR.  In this session, members of the working party will present their findings (including plausible future scenarios and mortality/morbidity impacts), and describe the model produced by the working party (with associated UK parameterisation).

Refreshments will be served from 17:30 and the lecture will start promptly at 18:00.

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