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Webinar: Opportunities for Actuaries in Banking -16 September CANCELLED

Monday 16 September 2019 12:00 - 13:00

The actuarial profession has much to offer the world of banking. In this second webinar on opportunities for actuaries in banking we have two actuaries sharing their experience. They will talk about the opportunities there are in banking; describing the actuarial aspects of the work they do, the roles they see for actuaries and the skills actuaries can bring to the banking industry. They will share their experiences of how they got into banking as well as give their thoughts on how actuaries can enter the banking profession.

Please join this event with the following panellists:

Dick Rae, Chair of the Finance and Investment Board and Chair of the recently re-formed Banking Member Interest Group

Dick Rae will moderate a discussion, providing you with an opportunity to ask questions. 

Dick spent 15 years in investment banking having worked at JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and HSBC, before moving into asset management with BMO Global Asset Management. Prior to that Dick spent 20 years in insurance and Reinsurance. It was whilst he was at Swiss Re that he first got his taste of the capital markets.

Clare Beale, HSBC

Clare Beale as an actuary in banking on the risk side.

Clare is the Global Head of Model Risk Management and Model Risk Steward at HSBC, with teams responsible for model policy, model risk governance and providing independent critical assurance over all models used by HSBC globally, which currently underpin USD 2.6 trillion of assets.  With continued and increasing focus on the management of model risk within financial institutions, the Model Risk Management team is playing a key role in ensuring that inherent and residual model risks are understood and managed in increasingly complex and fast moving markets.

Clare is a senior risk professional who has practised internationally across both corporate and consulting contexts, and has specialised in leading transformation and organisational redesign across quantitative and analytical teams. 

Prior to joining HSBC in 2010, Clare was an Associate Director with PricewaterhouseCoopers based in the UK and provided assurance and consulting support to insurance and financial services organisations across the UK, Europe and South Africa.

Clare is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the UK, a keen equestrian and is fluent in English and Spanish.

Aonghas  McIntosh, RBS Banking 

Aonghas as an actuary in retail banking.

Aonghas (pronounced “noo-is”) is a Customer Journey Manager at RBS responsible for journeys affecting nearly 1.2 million mortgage customers.  His team’s vision is to create helpful and hassle-free journeys for their customers and colleagues with a relentless focus on delivering value.

Aonghas has experience in a wide range of areas including pricing and profitability of retail products across banking, pensions and other investment products, market analysis and risk policy development.  He’s also worked on capital and risk management, but his real passion is making a difference to customers which has taken him to his current role.

Prior to joining RBS in 2012, Aonghas worked with Standard Life and it was here he had his first experience of retail banking through Standard Life Bank. 

Aonghas is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the UK, a keen swimmer, Chair of his local Community Council and a long-suffering fan of Heart of Midlothian FC.




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