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Webinar Series: Risk and Investment Conference 2019, 26 June

Wednesday 26 June 2019 09:00 - 16:00

The IFoA’s Risk Management and Finance and Investment Boards are delighted to host a series of webinars covering a range of topical and trending topics ranging from climate related risks to Brexit.

As a result of the cancellation of the Risk and Investment conference, the IFoA is delivering the content from this conference through a different format, in the form of a webinar series, during June.   We are conscious that we are near the end of the CPD year for many IFoA members and we want to ensure that there is sufficient content available to allow members to fulfil their obligations by the end of June.  The webinars will also be recorded to give you additional opportunities to view the content. 

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  26 June  

09.00 - 10.00

Square peg, round hole…

New risks are emerging and previously well-understood risks are changing! However, insurers are still using the same risk management techniques they were ten years ago. This presentation will cover the implications of a changing risk landscape on the tools and techniques required to manage and oversee such risks. Do we need more than just impact and likelihood? How frequently should we run scenario analysis? Is having imperfect information today better than having more accurate information in a month? We will explore why continuing to use outdated techniques is equivalent to trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. 

Speakers: Matthew Benson and Eamon McGinnity, KPMG

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Are actuaries good at setting asset allocations for insurers?  

A rerun of the 2018 Life Convention talk of the same name.Many actuaries engage in setting strategic asset allocations (SAA) for insurers but how effective are actuaries and actuarial techniques? We describe a modern SAA process; how actuaries typically approach SAA; and what the profession teaches, highlighting what actuaries do well and not so well, assessing the appropriateness of the: approach, models and assumptions risk management focusmetrics used to measure outcomeslinkage with the external market environment;reliance on assumptionsFinally, we look at some cutting-edge approaches to SAA and the challenges they might pose for insurers. 

Speakers: Keith Goodby, Willis Towers Watson and Hetal Patel, Legal & General

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You've been IBORd!

In July 2017, Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive of the FCA, announced that the FCA would not compel panel banks to contribute to LIBOR quotes beyond 2021, therefore providing considerable uncertainly for the future of the interest rate benchmark, which is currently used as a reference rate for hundreds of trillions of dollars of derivatives, loans and other financial products globally.The working party will provide some thoughts on the key implications for actuaries working in the fields of investment and risk management.

Speakers: Hetal Patel, Robert Pace, IFoA Libor Reform Working Party

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An emerging risk process that can cope with Brexit

We completed a study in the run up to the referendum using artificial intelligence to look for indicators around Brexit which could give more information about the potential outcome and the reasons for it. The results were spot-on. We repeated the work on the subsequent election and again were spot on. This session will give a practical insight into how these approaches can be used (using Brexit and other examples) and how they enhance your emerging risk process. The approach should also appeal to an international/wider fields audience.Intention is to co-present with a client, but am currently validating availability. 

Speaker: Neil Cantle, Milliman

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An opportunity to make a difference: a deep-dive into offshore wind

  • An introduction to renewable financing: the opportunity, the risks and the rewards
  • Navigating the investment obstacles for insurers in renewable energy opportunities such as offshore wind: how can insurers invest in the future of our society, whilst catering to their own interests?
  • An extended case study exploring how an example offshore wind farm extension has been financed and why it made sense as an investment for the insurance investor
  • What next for the renewable energy financing? Insights into future opportunities for the market 

Speakers: Gareth Mee, EY and James Lumb, Macquarie

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