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International Actuarial Association (IAA)

Our relationship

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries is a Full Member Association of the International Actuarial Association (IAA). Being a member of the IAA gives us the platform to work with other actuarial associations to further develop and advocate actuarial science worldwide. 

The International Actuarial Association

Founded in 1895, the IAA is the worldwide association of professional actuarial associations, representing approximately 60,000 actuaries in 108 countries. The IAA aims to represent the actuarial profession and to promote its role, reputation and recognition in the international domain.

With the active involvement of its Member Associations, the IAA seeks to promote professionalism, develops education standards and model actuarial standards and encourages international research to address changing needs.

The work of the IAA is driven by its 800 active volunteers who represent their association, actuarial practice area or wider profession in Committees, Working Groups, Sub-Committees and Task Forces.

IAA Sections

The IAA has seven special interest sections which are made up of individual actuaries. These sections encourage actuarial research and development in particular areas of practice, covering Life, Non-life, Financial Risks, Health, Pensions, Benefits and Social Security, Consulting, and Actuaries Without Borders.

If you would like to join an IAA Section, you can do so by making the appropriate selection(s) on your annual subscription notice. If you wish to subscribe to an IAA Section after you have returned the notice, you can easily do so by sending an email to You can pay for your membership via the online payment system.

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