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Benefitting from our CPD Co-ordinators’ Briefing

Online materials from November’s CPD Co-ordinators’ briefing are now available for all IFoA members to access on our website. 

Key presentations from the event suitable for claiming CPD include:

  • Lifelong Learning: changing direction
  • Inputs v Outcomes based CPD
  • Diversity and Inclusion panel discussion
  • Climate-related Risk Alert - for all actuaries

Each online video includes accompanying resources and allows you to directly claim CPD. 

Log in to the IFoA website to access the CPD Co-ordinators' annual briefing online resources.

IFoA CPD Co-ordinators attending the event, recommended a number of the video resources as excellent lifelong learning opportunities, relevant to all IFoA members: 

  • “I found a number of the presentations interesting at a personal level, and the presentation on resource and the environment in particular has inspired me to try and find the time for much wider reading than that which is directly relevant to my day job.” Helen Nicholas, Willis Towers Watson
  • “The session that particularly appealed to me was the Diversity and Inclusion Panel discussion. It was great to hear the views and experiences of the panel members.”Alison Kearns, JLT Employee Benefits
  • “The session on climate risk was particularly of interest and has given me some wider thinking to take back to actuaries within my firm on their responsibilities in respect of this very important and developing risk area.” Craig S Smith, Standard Life Assurance: part of the Phoenix Group

After watching the video, you will be able to update your CPD record with the full amount of time spent viewing the video and your learning outcome.  A claim CPD button will appear on completion of the video. 

CPD Co-ordinators are also making use of these presentations to run a CPD event for colleagues, in their office (and you could do the same) or as a topic for a regional community event for peers. 

“We will use some of the discussion topics as part of planning of our company CPD activity for the rest of the year. We are keen to keep CPD sessions ‘live’ and getting different perspectives can help rather than just rolling out a programme of purely internally focussed CPD activity.” Craig S Smith, Standard Life Assurance: part of the Phoenix Group

Find out more about the role of a CPD Co-ordinator

If you would like to check if your organisation is represented, or to volunteer to act as a CPD Co-ordinator for your organisation, please contact Debbie Atkins, Head of Engagement.