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Capacity for Membership Scheme

We are introducing a new process for dealing with members experiencing significant health issues, who are facing an allegation under the Disciplinary Scheme. 

Today, 1 Feb 2018, we’re introducing the Capacity for Membership Scheme. This new process will ensure that IFoA members, with significant health concerns who are facing disciplinary allegations, can be supported and dealt with appropriately, fairly and compassionately whilst balancing the need to regulate the profession in the public interest.

Why we’re introducing the Process

This process will continue to regulate the profession consistently and transparently in the public interest, whilst ensuring our approach is flexible and supportive enough to take extraordinary circumstances into account. The Capacity for Membership Scheme will enable the IFoA to support such members through a cooperative approach to the disciplinary process.

Following its approval by the Membership in December 2017, the new process will come into effect on 1 February. The Capacity for Membership Scheme will ensure that in the very rare disciplinary cases which are connected to issues of health, there is scope within our regulatory approach to take these circumstances into account.

Fairness and consistency

The Process’ definition of ill health includes all significant physical and mental health conditions which may materially impact a member’s current capacity to hold Membership. The key requirement for referral under the Scheme is that the health condition be:

  • significant
  • directly relevant to the alleged misconduct, and
  • on-going. 

A panel will assess each individual member’s situation on a case-by-case basis, evaluating the established finding of fact together with a restorative and supportive approach, to allow, if possible, continued Membership of the IFoA.

We believe the introduction of the Capacity for Membership Scheme will enable us to better support vulnerable members through our disciplinary process, whilst ensuring consistency of outcome and maintaining the highest possible regulatory standards for the profession.   

Find out more about the Capacity for Membership Scheme

You can find out more on the Capacity for Membership Scheme page. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact Fiona Burrough, Secretary to the Disciplinary Board. 

If you are an IFOA member experiencing health issues that prevent you from meeting the requirements of IFoA membership, but are not facing an allegation under our Disciplinary Scheme, there are a range of support measures to help you. Please contact our Membership team for support and advice.