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Chair’s feedback on Health and Care Sessional Event – June 2018

Chris Reynolds provides feedback on the June Health and Care Sessional event:

In June this year I chaired a Sessional meeting for the Health and Care practice area. A slightly unusual format was adopted whereby instead of focusing on a single topic the event showcased the work of two working parties within the Health and Care space. Specifically, the Wearables and Internet of Things and Antibiotic Resistance working parties provided an overview of their research to date.

The Wearables and Internet of Things Working Party presented their sessional paper which provides an in-depth analysis of the current state of play of technology and a consideration of the impact they may have on the insurance industry.

The Antibiotic Resistance Working Party provided some of the medical background behind antibiotic resistance and a preview of the modelling work they have been doing. This will be followed in 2019 by a full release of the developed model.

Despite competing against an England World Cup match the event was very well attended at Staple Inn and people from around the world were able to join via the live web streaming. The talks generated considerable interest and a good discussion was held.

For those who were unable to attend the event they should know that a recording of the evening can be accessed on the sessional research page and the accompanying material can also be downloaded.