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Changes to the IFoA's Bye-Laws and Rules - Member Vote

The IFoA has today commenced a Member vote on proposed changes to our Bye-laws and Rules, which aim to simplify the arrangements concerning an elected member of Council's length of service on, and retirement from, Council. These changes, which have been approved by our Council, must now be approved by a simple majority of the IFoA's members in order to be formally adopted (subject to the outstanding approval of the Privy Council on the changes to our Bye-laws).

Associates, Fellows, and Honorary Fellows of the IFoA are eligible to vote on these proposals. Each eligible member will receive an email from CES, our election services provider, containing a unique link to the voting website.

Full details of the proposed changes, and both the process for and administration of the member vote, can be seen on the Bye-Laws and Rules page.

At the same time, members will be invited to vote on two routine proposals concerning the IFoA's external auditors. Full details of those proposals are provided on the voting website.

You can contact James Harrigan, the IFoA's Corporate Secretary, with any questions about these matters.