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First impressions do count

Stephen Redmond, lay Chair of the IFoA’s Disciplinary Board, reflects on how the IFoA’s disciplinary scheme review is a product of collective endeavour.

My first six months as the Chair of the IFoA’s Disciplinary Board have flown by. I have visited the three UK offices and had the pleasure of meeting many of the IFoA’s staff.

I am impressed by their professionalism and the time they have taken to pass on some of their knowledge. I am also impressed with how staff work together and their commitment to giving an excellent service to all members and stakeholders.

As a lay Chair, I can draw on my experience as a panel member/Chair with various health care regulators and my chairing experience with the Central Arbitration Committee and the Bar Standards Board to assist the Disciplinary Board with its strategic direction.

I cannot do this alone and I will work closely with my colleagues on the Board, the Regulation and Lifelong Learning Boards, as well as the Executive.

I have been fortunate to Chair a Board that was left in great shape by my predecessor, Keith Oliver OBE.

One of the key projects for the Disciplinary Board is the review of the Disciplinary Scheme. I am one of the members of the Working Party that has been set up to make recommendations to the Disciplinary Board.

The Working Party is looking at alternative approaches to disciplinary enforcement and is looking the best fit for the IFoA’s global membership. The Working Party will put forward high-level recommendations to the Disciplinary Board in autumn.

The IFoA’s 400 Club – IFoA's online feedback group – has helped us understand what the membership thinks about the current disciplinary arrangements.

We will use the information from the 400 Club Survey for the Scheme Review and also when setting the Disciplinary Board’s strategy.

If you have any views on the disciplinary process please contact

Lastly, and definitely not least, I am impressed by the dedication of all the volunteers that assist the IFoA’s Executive.

In the area of discipline we have volunteers who act as Investigation Actuaries and as Panel Members. If you would like to volunteer as an Investigation Actuary please email

First impressions do count and I am grateful for the time everyone has taken to welcome me as the Disciplinary Board Chair. I am looking forward to the rest of my tenure and delivering the output of the Scheme Review.