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Honorary Fellows Election 2017

Following a member vote the IFoA is delighted to announce that five outstanding individuals have been elected to join as Honorary Fellows.

Professor Aled Jones, Director of the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI), Anglia Ruskin University. 

As inaugural Director of the GSI, Professor Jones leads a number of research projects in climate finance, energy and behaviour, and resource management, which are topic areas of increasing interest to the actuarial community.  His research focuses on how the finance sector and government will respond to the impact of global resource trends and climate change. Professor Jones was lead author on the seminal report on resource constraints to the IFoA in 2013 and has subsequently been an active volunteer with the IFoA, providing valued technical input.

Professor Xiaolin Li, Dean of the Insurance School, Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE), Beijing.

As founder of the China Institute for Actuarial Science at CUFE, Professor Li has been at the forefront of actuarial teaching in China for over two decades and has played a key role in the development of actuarial skills in China.  He has an active and varied research agenda, which has included the development of Chinese mortality tables, agriculture insurance and undertaking research for the Chinese insurance regulator.  He has had a long-standing relationship with the IFoA through CUFE’s support of the IFoA’s examinations.

Professor Donald MacKenzie, Professor of Sociology, University of Edinburgh.

With a background originally in Applied Mathematics, Professor MacKenzie has achieved high distinction in the social sciences, particularly on the sociology of financial markets and how the participants in those markets behave.  His work has won eleven international prizes and he has been published widely in a range of publications.  His research interests overlap with emerging areas in actuarial science and Professor MacKenzie has recently advised the IFoA on a research proposal for the Actuarial Research Centre, valued input that the IFoA hopes to utilise again in future.

Lord Adair Turner, Chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking. 

Lord Turner is a well-known figure in UK financial services through his chairmanship of the Financial Services Authority, during which he led a significant review of the regulation of the banking system.  Prior to that position, he led the Pensions Commission, which was a pre-cursor to the most significant pensions reforms in the UK in recent decades.  He now chairs the Institute for New Economic Thinking, which seeks to advance economic thinking for the benefit of society.  With a shared interest in issues relevant to the actuarial profession, Lord Turner has previously spoken at IFoA events.

Professor Zhigang Xie, Professor of Insurance and Actuarial Studies, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE). 

Through his role at SUFE, Professor Xie has played a key role in promoting the actuarial profession in China and supporting the education of actuaries of the future.He was an early advocate of the IFoA’s examinations in China, with many of his former students now Fellows of the IFoA.  A Fellow and Board member of China Association of Actuaries (CAA), Professor Xie is an influential and respected figure in the Chinese actuarial community.His main research and teaching is in the area of risk and solvency management for insurance companies. 

As a professional body, we have over 100 Honorary Fellows who have been leaders in their fields of business, academia, government and other public bodies, either here in the UK or internationally.  Many of our Honorary Fellows are very active in their subject area and complement the work of our members around the world. 

More information about nominating Honorary Fellows. If you have any queries about this process, please contact: 

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